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This is a transcript for dialogue with Edwin Brotch.

Topics Edit

CGTransitionTopic CGTransitionTopic Neutral 50 No, Mister DeLoria, that is not correct. The Battle of Hastings was 1066. 2077 was the end of the world. Tell me. Are you really that stupid? 1
GREETING GREETING Happy 25 It's been a while, kid. I guess the G.O.A.T. couldn't have predicted how you'd turn out, could it? {Grumpily friendly} 2
Happy 50 Remind me to add a question about rescuing your teacher from the Vault jail. If the Vault ever goes back to normal, that is... 3
Neutral 50 By the way, while I was in there, I heard some worrying things from the guards. 4
GREETING Happy 25 Well, if it isn't my star pupil. 5
MS16GeneralAboutStatusQuo Tell me about the Rebels. Neutral 50 Most of them are just kids who're caught up in the idea of seeing the world. But I know we've got to actually open the Vault if we want to survive. 6
Sad 50 Otherwise, we're just going to dwindle away down here, until it's all too late. 7
MS16GeneralNightQuestion What happened down here? Sad 50 It was pretty rough, I'll tell you. I know a lot of folks blame your dad, but I know he didn't mean to cause all that. Don't blame him, or yourself. 8
MS16RaidInfo What did you hear from the guards? Fear 15 I heard one of the guards talking about some sort of plan to raid Amata and the rest of us. 9
Fear 50 I didn't hear anything else, but I think he read it on the security terminal, so maybe you can find more there. I'm sure it's bad news for us all. 10

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Watch yourself down here. 11
I have to go now. Happy 25 Sure you will, Butch. Sure you will. {Patronizing and amused} 12
I have to go now. Neutral 25 I'll keep myself safe if you do the same, Amata. 13
HELLO HELLO Fear 25 Is the place secure? Can we talk freely? 14
HELLO Fear 25 Good to see you here. Please keep quiet, you never know who's listening. 15
MS16Resistance1 MS16Resistance1 Anger 10 Hold on. The walls have ears. 16
MS16Resistance1 Neutral 50 Looks like I made it through another day, for what that's worth. But I don't see much changing yet. 17
MS16Resistance1 Happy 25 I wasn't taken away in the night, for what that's worth. That's about the best news I've got to report. 18
MS16Resistance1 Fear 25 I survived the night, but I get the feeling there's change in the air. Don't know if it's good or bad, though. 19
MS16Resistance1 Fear 25 I'm still alive, but I don't know how long that luck'll last. Seems like something big's about to transpire. 20
MS16Resistance1 Neutral 50 First time in your life you're a rebel with a cause, boy. Any luck convincing your friends to join you in it? 21
MS16Resistance1 Neutral 50 You've got to take this seriously, boy. Any luck getting anyone else to join us? 22
MS16Resistance2 MS16Resistance2 Disgust 25 They're still scared: enough to stay quiet, but not enough to risk doing anything. 23
MS16Resistance2 Disgust 25 No development. They're still quiet and scared. We won't be getting any of them to make a stand anytime soon. 24
MS16Resistance3 MS16Resistance3 Neutral 25 Will do, Amata. You watch out for yourself, too. 25
MS16Resistance3 Neutral 25 You don't need to tell me. Just keep an eye on your father, all right? 26
MS16Resistance3 Sad 25 That's a damned shame, but maybe they'll come around in time. Keep working at it. 27
MS16Resistance3 Happy 25 Hard to lead your Tunnel Snakes when they're afraid of getting stepped on, huh? Well, keep at it. 28
MS16SecurityCheck MS16SecurityCheck Anger 50 Don't you have anything better to do? 29