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Mr. Fuzzy is a series of fourteen variants of the Mr. Fuzzy junk items in Fallout 76. He is the mascot of Camden Park.


A soft toy in the shape of the Camden Park mascot, Mr. Fuzzy. It comes in either blue or black and sports a variety of different colored bow ties.

Jumbo variants share the same look and have the same value as their regular counterparts, but they weigh more, appear larger when inspected and yield one additional cloth when scrapped.


  • Candy fan Mr. Fuzzy
  • Checker tie Mr. Fuzzy
  • Emerald tie Mr. Fuzzy
  • Gold tie Mr. Fuzzy
  • Orange tie Mr. Fuzzy
  • Purple tie Mr. Fuzzy
  • Red tie Mr. Fuzzy
  • Ruby tie Mr. Fuzzy
  • Silver tie Mr. Fuzzy
  • Spooky Time Mr. Fuzzy
  • Jumbo candy fan Mr. Fuzzy
  • Jumbo checker tie Mr. Fuzzy
  • Jumbo silver tie Mr. Fuzzy
  • Jumbo gold tie Mr. Fuzzy


  • Can generally be found all throughout Camden Park.
    • Multiple carts can be found containing multiple Mr. Fuzzy dolls.
    • Several Mr. Fuzzy dolls can be located in the main office to the west end of the park. Checker Tie Mr. Fuzzy found in Security Office, in lockers.
    • One can be found in the driver's seat of the bus located in the parking lot.
    • A checker tie Mr. Fuzzy can be found on the last roller coaster car in the same set where the West Bridge key is found.
    • One of four randomly chosen jumbo variants can be redeemed for 20 Mr. Fuzzy tokens at one of the terminals in the park.
  • A candy fan Mr. Fuzzy and a Spooky Time Mr. Fuzzy can be found in a tent north of Smith farm, overlooking Clarksburg.
  • A candy fan Mr. Fuzzy can be found in Morgantown High School.

Behind the scenes

A gold tie Mr. Fuzzy doll can be found in Hell On Earth, the first level of Doom Eternal, another game published by Bethesda Softworks.


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