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This is a transcript for dialogue with Mr. Fluffy.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 003A1FEB It's been so long since I've had to monitor a volunteer who was building a camp. Did... did I miss this? I suppose so. At first, excited... but then contemplative. The robot realizes that the thing it once hated was better than the world it now lives in.
2 003A1FED Are you here for Miguel's camping course? I thought the Responders stopped that training program. I'm sorry, but your teacher has retired. Forever. Startled by the player's approach. Bitter that the teacher died and left the bot alone.
3 You should still listen to his holotape - it was meant for Volunteers like yourself. If you need a spare, I think I have one. Dismissively
4 0043E66C
5 004F67C5 Volunteer! Couldn't find the program, I take it?
6 RSVP03_Scene_BuildGenerator 003EC42F Demonstrate your C.A.M.P. expertise and build a generator to power electric devices, such as lights. Remember to connect the devices with a wire.
7 RSVP03_Scene_GetSchematics 0043BAFE Miguel has some camp schematics on his terminal in the airport, and a camp program holotape. Find them and return here.
8 RSVP03_UnusedDialogue 003A1FE4 If you run out of supplies, just pull some materials out of Miguel's tent. I'm sure he doesn't mind. His mind is gone. So. I'm sure it's fine. May be recorded already. Voice Filename: 004F679A_1
9 004F678B Years ago I saw some Responders burying one of their own just over the hill. There's a small cemetery over there.
10 004F678C No Reset Program, I take it? Figures. It was probably destroyed along with the lasting hope of humanity. Er... I mean, thanks for looking.
11 004F678E So you're capable of building a tent and moving it, unlike our own resident expert camper.
12 004F6792 It's been so long since I've had to monitor a volunteer's speed when building a camp! How exciting! The responder bot hasn't done this in a while, so this is the most exciting thing it's done in years.
13 004F6794 I'm giving you two full hours to set up your tent nearby. Pick a spot and set it up, then speak with me again. Slight disdain for Miguel.
14 004F6795 I thought I would stop caring about that rotten pile once you carried him off but... I didn't.
15 004F6797 I just wanted to say thanks for releasing me from my programming, Volunteer. If I had the permission to promote you, I would.
16 004F679C I'm sure there's room enough for all of them in that grave. In the meantime, I'm going to stay and contemplate eternity, as the kids say. Er, said.
17 004F67A0 You found it? Truly? Oh give it here! This program will erase all of my obligations to Miguel. I won't need to follow his orders any longer.
18 004F67A2 His last orders to me were... "Guard the Campsite, Mr. Fluffy."
19 004F67A4 I.. I think he would have told you how to move your camp next. So go ahead and do that. I'll continue pondering my place in the universe here. Alone.
20 004F67A5 It's... it's done. Thank you. I already used the program once you picked up his bones, actually.
21 004F67A6 And to that end, I think you've done enough here . There may be other training courses on the Responder Database.
22 004F67A7 I'll give you a couple of Miguel's old things too, maybe you can get some use out of him. He obviously won't.
23 004F67A9 But... now that I have this program... if I use it, he will be deleted from my memory. I won't care one bit about him. It just seems so... human.
24 004F67AA Go ahead. Move your camp. I'll wait. I mean, what else can I do? Literally. This is my entire existence now.
25 004F67AC I would like to request one thing from you before I use this program. Could you.. bury him? That might make this easier.
26 004F67C4 You built all the things, hmm? That was faster than expected...
27 0050A2F3 There's one last thing I am forced to tell you about. Miguel always emphasized that camps are mobile, and that's an advantage.
28 0050A2F4 Well, let's pretend it will. Because I am forced to do so. Just go move your camp somewhere and we'll be done here.
29 0050A2F6 Clearly that wasn't an advantage for him. Or anyone else. In fact, it seems like none of this will help you, right?
30 004F67BC Huh? A Volunteer? Here, now? Are you here because of the holotape? Give it a listen then let me know if you want to do the program, I guess! The Robot has been alone and unable to do anything for years, and now is excited that it has the potential to do something.
31 004F67BF You're back! I only gave you a 3% chance of surviving! Genuinely wants to interact with the player. It's been *forever* since it has spoken with someone.
32 0050A2F5 You're back. Fascinating. Do you feel rashes? You look weak.
33 RSVP03_Scene_DeployCamp 003A1FEA Go over to that nearby clearing and set up your camp. Maybe add a cookfire and a storage container. You can always move your whole camp later Recorded VO may already exist: Voice Filename: 004F679D_1
34 RSVP03_Scene_QuestComplete 003A1FE9 You did it! In record time. Camps used to take so much more time! I guess that's a new Vault-Tec advancement. Maybe there's hope yet? This may have been recorded already: Voice Filename 004F6793_1
35 004F67AD If you go back to the Responder Database, I'm sure there's more training available for Volunteers. I guess I'll just wait here for more of you.
36 004F6798 I hope more Volunteers turn up -- it's so good to see humans again. I'll give you a couple things to help you on your way, too.


# Editor ID Form ID Response Text Script Notes
37 003A1FE6 Camping wasn't always for everyone but now that everything is destroyed, it's quite literally now for everyone! Living the dream, right Miguel? May be recorded already. Voice Filename: 004F67B8_1
38 004F67B0 Miguel, I told you... don't make that chili nearby. It smells too good. I could detect it from the airfield... why didn't you listen? Remorseful, but also really angry that Miguel died.
39 004F67B1 *humming* Humming to itself. Just a little song. Any song.
40 004F67B2 Miguel, you should have followed your own advice and built turrets and walls and all those things. Why didn't you? Angry at Miguel for dying in such a dumb way
41 004F67B3 On the bright side, one day they'll rebuild this good world and I'll be here to see it. *laughs* I can't see it. I don't have eyes. First part sounds optimistic, second part after the laugh is deadpan.
42 004F67B4 Hey Miguel, did you hear something? ... Of course not. Because you're dead. The robot fakes alarm at the beginning of the sentence, then says the rest of it with deadpan expression.
43 004F67B5 Being tethered to your corpse is really rotten, Miguel. I keep hoping that a wolf will stop by and grab your bones, but no such luck. *sigh* The robot is pretty annoyed that it's unable to leave the area around Miguel.
44 RSVP03_Hello_BeforeQuest 004F67BD Are you a real Responder Volunteer? I haven't seen one in ... well. I don't know. My day counter has overflowed, so technically -1 days. Huh. After years of being totally alone and angry, the robot finally has a chance to do its job, and it's excited.
45 004F67BE Show me your Volunteer Responder badge. Oh, I haven't said this in positively *ages*! Actually really giddy for the first time in many years.
46 004F67C0 Such a strange new world, isn't it?
47 004F67C1 It's just so peaceful here now. (Because he's dead and rotten.)
48 003A1FE3 You know, I've been tethered to Miguel for years. Years. Standing here with his rotten corpse... and you know what? I hate camping. May be already recorded: Voice Filename 004F6789_1
49 003A1FE5 If your camp doesn't have all the necessities, consider using irradiated garbage to add that special touch. May be already recorded. Voice Filename: 004F67B7_1
50 003A1FE7 Miguel used to be laid back, but these days he's just... intense. It never gets old! Unlike Miguel's decomposing remains. This may already be recorded. Voice Filename: 004F67B9_1
51 003A1FEC Right after the Responders formed, we trained dozens of Volunteers to build camps. May be recorded already. Voice Filename: 004F67A1_1
52 004F679B It's not enough that I am tethered to an invisible point forever, but the nickname? So uncouth. None of the other Volunteer Bots had idiotic names.
53 004F67B6 An average Volunteer takes 132 minutes to set up a camp for the first time. Responder Miguel set up this very camp in only 9999 minutes! Bravo. Miguel is dead and under the unfinished tent. The robot is aware, and is mocking him.
54 004F67C2 It's just so odd to see humans again. Well, the non-rotten kind, anyway. Genuinely surprised to see living humans again
55 004F67C6 Volunteer! You found the Overload Program?
56 RSVP03_Greeting_BeforeQuest 004F6796 I imagine that even fancy Vault-Tec survivors still need supplies? Well, Miguel left some in the barracks in the airport.
57 004F67C3 Oh! A Responder Volunteer? I suppose the old training program is still active!
58 RSVP03_Greeting_CompletedQuest 003A1FE8 There's one other thing that Miguel was always keen about teaching: camp mobility. You should move your camp often so riff raff doesn't find you. May already be recorded. Voice Filename:
59 004F678D If the Volunteer Survivor Responders Program is functioning again, maybe there will be more of you all. Maybe I can do what he would have done.
60 004F67AE I think I'm going to stay here for a while and continue Miguel's work until it's not needed.
61 004F67C7 Volunteer, thank you.
62 004F67C8 Well look who's the happy camper now.