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For the radroach in Fallout 3, see Fluffy.
It's not enough that I am tethered to an invisible point forever, but the nickname? So uncouth. None of the other Volunteer Bots had idiotic names.— Mr. Fluffy, on his situation and nickname

Mr. Fluffy is a robot in Appalachia in 2102.


Mr. Fluffy is a Responder protectron who was hacked by Miguel Caldera to act as a personal bodyguard.[1][2] He was named Mr. Fluffy after a dog which was killed while Caldera was testing a bug with the Veterinary Bots.[3]

His curmudgeonly personality may be a result of an unsolved bug which turned him into "a jerk." Caldera believed he had a fix for the bug but didn't get a chance to implement it before his death.[4]

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Mr. Fluffy appears only in Fallout 76.


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