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I'm called Mr. Clark. It's my job to help eager new customers such as yourself take your first step into the miraculous world of Shelters!— Mr. Clark

Mr. Clark is a Mister Handy attendant at the Shelters Claim Center in Appalachia.


Formerly owned by a man named Harold, Mr. Clark was placed at the Shelters Claim Center to act as a sales attendant, along with engineers Jameson Grillo and Aaron Bradie as technical personnel.[1] When the Great War occurred, all three were inside the Claim Center. The engineers monitored the Claim Center communications network, hoping to contact other survivors, but after radio silence and no signs of life in Appalachia, they departed the region, reluctantly leaving Mr. Clark, who refused to abandon his post.[2][3]

Mr. Clark was found by Reuben Gill, who was attempting to re-enter Vault 51 to destroy the ZAX 1.3c housed within the facility. Reuben attempted to force entry by using the unit's internal network to contact Vault 51, despite protests from Mr. Clark.[4][5] After receiving a message from within Vault 51, Reuben noted memory losses and changes in Mr. Clark's speech patterns, which reminded him of ZAX and disturbed him.[6]

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Home Expansion


Home Expansion: When met by the Vault Dwellers, Mr. Clark fulfills his original function by providing access to the Shelters system for use with the CAMP, also noting that he is pleased to finally meet new customers after such a long time.


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Mr. Clark appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.