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This is a transcript for dialogue with Mr. Barker.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 RE_SceneSM03_Eyebot 003E402B *Carnival Music* Carnival music track
2 003B7DD4 You there!
3 003B7DD6 What are you waiting for? Head on over!
4 003B7DD7 Why are you still here? Fun and adventure awaits!
5 003B7DD8 It's much more exciting than here, I assure you.
6 RE_SceneSM03_Intro 0037E21E Whatever you're up to, drop it and come on down to the Tyler County Fairgrounds! You won't regret it!
7 RE_SceneSM03_MrBarkerDialogue 003B7DC7 Step right up ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, to the Tyler County Fairgrounds! You're a short trip away to the most exciting place in Appalachia!
8 003B7DC8 Mosey on over to the Bandit Roundup to put your sharpshooting to the test! Get a high score and win a collectible teddy bear for the lovely lady!
9 003B7DC9 Head on over to the Jar Toss and learn to master this amazing skill-based game!
10 003B7DCA Round and round you go, where you stop you'll never know! But maybe you can find out at the Rocket Whirl!
11 003B7DCB Cozy up with a lucky fella on our classic carousel! Erm... only one rider per saddle, please!
12 003B7DCC Our rides are one-hundred percent safe, but you can never be too careful! Our top of the line first aid booth is fully stocked and prepared for anything!
13 003B7DCD Head across the street for the famous Tyler County Dirt Track! Tickets are on sale for the Halloween Night Thrills Demolition Derby featuring 'Hot' Rod Daniels!
14 003B7DCE Have some young ones with you? Bring the kids to the event barn to go trick-or-treating at the Tyler County Scare!
15 003B7DCF Head to the giant Nuka statue in the fair center and grab a ticket for a chance to win a year's supply of Nuka Cola!
16 003B7DD0 If you're interested in the livestock show and auction, head on over to the livestock pavilion! Don't miss the Best of Show announcement on Halloween day!
17 003B7DD1 Test your classic gaming skills at the arcade barn! Earn tokens that can be redeemed for free ride tickets at the fair!
18 003B7DD2 A visit to Tyler County Fairgrounds isn't complete without a ride on our 100 foot tall Ferris Wheel! Take a ride to the top for the best view in the county!