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A motorcycle handbrake is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 3.


The handbrake is one of the several scrap items that can be used in the construction of weapons using schematics. This item is used in the construction of the Shishkebab, but serves no other known purpose, except as Rock-It Launcher ammunition.


  • Six in a bucket inside the Mobile base crawler of the Adams Air Force Base.
  • Five in a box at the store on the Scavenger's bridge.
  • Four in Murder Pass laying in a refrigerator at first open area going north from Little Lamplight (along with three motorcycle gas tanks).
  • Three in Lucky's, southwest of Tenpenny Tower. Here, you can also find at least one of each type of all the other items needed to make custom weapons.
  • Three are found in Gallo's storage closet, along with a large number of other workbench items.
  • Three on a table next to three motorcycle gas tanks in the middle of a raider encampment next to the Flooded metro.
  • Two outside houses in Minefield. Each is located near the burned out remains of a motorcycle, along with a motorcycle gas tank. One is on the east side of the Gillian house, and the other is on the southwest side of the Benson house.
  • Two in Smith Casey's garage along with two motorcycle gas tanks.
  • Two at L.O.B. Enterprises. Upon entering the Archives sector, go down the stairs and turn left. Keep walking on the corridor until the end (some sort of maintenance area with two generators.) The two motorcycle handbrakes are there, along with two motorcycle gas tanks.
  • Two at the VAPL-66 power station.
  • Two at the VAPL-58 power station.
  • Two in the scrapyard, near several motorcycles.
  • One at Springvale School, next to a motorcycle gas tank.
  • One by selecting the Science theme for the Megaton house.
  • One can be found along with a motorcycle gas tank in the righthand back room in the Super-Duper Mart.
  • One can be found inside Anchorage Memorial on a workbench, next to two cherry bombs.
  • One is outside a diner, north of Nuka-Cola plant. It is on top of a motorcycle.
  • One in Pinkerton's lab with a lot of other parts.
  • One in Tepid sewers in the same room as the key locked safe.
  • One in a super mutant camp on the edge of the D.C. Ruins on the north-northwest side of the east eastern ruins.
  • One near a broken motorcycle on the Rivet City main flight deck.
  • One east of Hubris Comics, past a gate, in a spot with two cars and piles of tires. A motorcycle gas tank can also be found there.
  • Occasionally Moira at Craterside Supply in Megaton has one in stock for sale.
  • One and one motorcycle gas tank can be found in the underground cistern northeast of the Broadcast tower LP8.
  • One in an abandoned barn west-northwest of Vault 101, first story.
  • One in the west Bethesda ruins, above a bed on a shelf.
  • One in Kaelyn's Bed & Breakfast next to the bed frame.


They are often found next to a motorcycle gas tank. Whenever one finds the two together, one should always pick up the handbrake first - picking up the gas tank will often cause the handbrake to clip through the floor.