Gametitle-FO3 MZ
Gametitle-FO3 MZ

The Mothership Zeta trailer is the trailer for the Fallout 3 add-on Mothership Zeta. It features the Recon craft Theta beacon and the voice of an unknown captive in Alien captive recorded log 19.


This is my final message. Whoever finds this tape, you've got to send help up here. They've been keeping us in cells, but I've managed to escape. I think I know what they want with our world and they won't stop until they've taken hundreds, or thousands, of us! I've got to keep moving! Good luck to all of us... and Godspeed.


Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta trailer [1]

Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta DLC Trailer

Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta DLC Trailer


Song used in the trailer without the voices.

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