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This is a transcript for dialogue with Maya.


GREETING GREETING Happy 50 Hello, sweet child. Hello. I don't believe we've met. I'm Mother Maya, prophet of the Atom and embracer of the universal Light. 1
Neutral 50 Remember, sweet child, that as children of Atom, the fabric of the universe itself is ours to weave. So welcome to Megaton, and peace be with you. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Sweet child, now is not the time for talk. But you should join us now in our hour of prayer. Simply close thine eyes and bask in Atom's glow. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Well hello again, sweet child. Is all well with you? Remember, stay in the Glow and let all things take their course. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 We meet again, sweet child. I hope you're finding our town agreeable? In darkness, in doubt, go ye to the bomb. Find Atom, and find truth. 5
GREETING Neutral 50 Oh my, it divides my heart to see you again, sweet child. And what may Mother Maya do for you today? 6
MegMotherMayaBarChoice1 I... uh... only drink for medicinal reasons. Sad 75 Even still, I cannot aid you on this path with a clear conscience. {He doesn't really beleive you. At all. } 7
MegMotherMayaBarChoice2 I'm actually just looking for some food. Neutral 50 Well, in that case I recommend the Brass Lantern. It's directly across from the Church. You can't miss it. 8
MegMotherMayaBarEnd Can you help me find something else? Neutral 50 Certainly. 9
MegMotherMayaChurch Tell me about the Church. Neutral 50 For those answers I shall direct you to my husband, Confessor Cromwell. 10
MegTownDirections I could use some directions around town. Neutral 50 In each our own way, we are all lost. Where would you like to be, sweet child? 11
MegTownDirectionsBar Is there a bar in town? Neutral 50 I apologize, but I cannot encourage the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol impedes our personal quest for the Grand Division. 12
MegTownDirectionsBed Where can I rent a bed? Neutral 50 Up at Moriarty's at the south end of town. Talk to Nova, she'll help you out. 13
MegTownDirectionsClinic Where's the closest clinic? Neutral 50 You'll want to see Doc Church next to the Crater. You can't miss it. 14
MegTownDirectionsEquipment I need some equipment. Where's the nearest general store? Happy 50 Seek out Moira at Craterside Supply. She's a darling girl. 15
MegTownDirectionsGoBack Let's talk about something else. Surprise 50 What else do you require, sweet child? 16
MegTownDirectionsWeapons Is there a weapons dealer around here? Neutral 50 It saddens me to think how quickly we resort to violence. 17
MegTownEnd That's all I needed to know. Neutral 50 As you wish, child. 18
MegTownRumors What's the word around town? Neutral 50 I'm not one to gossip, but I do know a few things. For instance, did you hear that Lucas wants someone to disarm our bomb? 19
Neutral 50 Imagine the blasphemy! I can't believe it! I mean, I don't believe it. He would never do that to us. 20


GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Walk in the Glow. 21
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Atom's light be with you, sweet child. 22
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Farewell, sweet child. 23
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Welcome. Join us in the Glow, won't you? 24
HELLO Neutral 50 Welcome, child. 25
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello, my Child. 26
HELLO Neutral 50 Husband, a word if you will. 27
HELLO Neutral 50 Might we talk, dearest husband? 28
MegatonTalk1 MegatonTalk Neutral 50 Yes, darling. 29
MegatonTalk Neutral 50 Yes, husband? 30
MegatonTalk2 MegatonTalk2 Neutral 50 I've been having those visions again. Not while I sleep, dear husband, but waking dreams. I see Atom, finally free! His glory revealed at last! 31
MegatonTalk2 Neutral 50 He came to me again last night, husband. The great Atom! He visited me in my dreams, bid me to spread His gospel. I was infused with His energy! 32
MegatonTalk3 MegatonTalk3 Anger 50 We should stay our course, dearest husband. Atom's power penetrates us all, does it not? Soon, every soul of Megaton will revel in His glory! 33
MegatonTalk3 Anger 50 Do not despair, dearest husband. Soon, all of Megaton will bask in Atom's glow. 34


Attack Attack Neutral 50 By Atom, stop this! 35
Attack Neutral 50 Husband! Run for the Sheriff! 36
Attack Neutral 50 Die, heathen! 37