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Come on down to the Wild West Showdown and rob a town for a rootin', lootin' yeehaw time!

Event: Most Wanted is a public event in Fallout 76, introduced in the Nuka-World on Tour update.


This event takes place at the Wild West Showdown attraction at Nuka-World on Tour in the Ash Heap, hosted by Gunther Jenkins. The participants must speak to Gunther to start the event, after which a short countdown timer to prepare for the event will start. Gunther says that the sheriff of this pop-up Wild West town is out hunting for Bottle and Cappy, so it is "bandito o'clock" to loot the town until he gets back.


The participants have five minutes to steal from safes around town, as well as to rob the wooden cutouts of townsfolk. The cutouts have "loot dispensers" attached to them. If the light is green on the loot dispenser, a participant can interact with it and acquire "buckaroos." There are also wall and floor safes hidden around the various buildings in town. The goal is for the participants to fill the wagon in the center of town with 600 buckaroos.

Over the course of the event, the participants are attacked by bounty hunter bots and deputy bots (Protectrons and Assaultrons), as well as varmint Liberators, all of whom emerge from outhouses and some of whom may be legendary. A gold varmint may also appear, and killing it will earn bonus rewards, similar to Event: Test Your Metal in addition to 100 buckaroos that are automatically added to the wagon.

Once the wagon has been filled with 600 buckaroos, the participants must defend the wagon from more attacking robots for three minutes. At the end of the wave, the sheriff bot appears, and it will always be legendary. Once the sheriff bot is defeated, the event will conclude and rewards will be given.


  • Caps and experience
  • Either Gunther's Big Iron (single action revolver) or Western Spirit (lever-action gun)
  • Event-specific plans: Cappy & Bottle cowboy cutouts, deputy's hat, floor safe, getaway wagon, Most Wanted snow globe, Nuka-Cowboy cowboy duster, cowboy hat, poker set, sheriff's hat, tombstones, townsfolk cutouts, wall safe, wanted poster, western mural, Wild West Show entrance sign and posters
  • Random generic Nuka-World on Tour plan reward: Cappy or Bottle backpack flair, Cappy Smasher super sledge mod, workshop plans (standalone poster, ad barriers, Nuka stall crates, NWOT balloon, Nuka Bottle kiosk, carnival statues, Cappy Clapper, Bottle Bot)
  • 3 treasury Notes (eq. to 30 gold bullion)
  • 1 Nuka-Cola Twist
  • Random Nuka-World on Tour consumables: Caramel mutfruit, carnival pie, gulper stuffed foot, Nuka-Bottle dog, Nuka-Dog, radroach skewers, radscorpion kebab, radscorpion skewer, yao guai pastry.
  • Random Nuka-Cola, Rad-X, stimpaks, anti-radiation chems

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Speak to GuntherThe Wild West Showdown game is going to start soon. Maybe I should speak to the showrunner and join.
Prepare for the game to startI've signed up to play the Wild West Showdown game. I should prepare and go into the town before the game starts.
Rob the town for loot!The game has begun! I should gather loot from around town by "robbing" the cutouts and safes. Have to beat the score by depositing the loot into that "Getaway Wagon".
Steal from the Townsfolk and Safes
Deposit Buckaroos in the Getaway Wagon (#/#)
Defend the Getaway WagonI "robbed" the town. Now I have to defend the "Getaway Wagon" till the time runs out to win. OR
I still have to defend the "Getaway Wagon" till the time runs out to win, but it's now "high noon" and the "Sheriff" is in town. I now have to deal with him attacking the wagon too, but maybe I can win by beating him instead.
Defend the Getaway WagonI took part in the Wild West Showdown at Nuka-World on Tour. I "robbed" the town, and defended the "Getaway Wagon" from a hoard of "lawmen" robots, and was rewarded with some Nuka goodies. OR
I took part in the Wild West Showdown at Nuka-World on Tour. I tried to "rob" the town and defend the "Getaway Wagon", but was stopped by a hoard of "lawmen" robots. OR
I took part in the Wild West Showdown at Nuka-World on Tour. I tried to "rob" the town of it's loot, but was stopped by a hoard of "lawmen" robots.

Behind the scenes[]

  • During early testing in the Public Test Server, this event had the basic quest icon/animation of a Vault Boy thumbs-up. It was later replaced with a unique icon/animation.
  • During development, one of the proposed names for this event was "Rootin' Tootin' Lootin' and Shootin'." This did not materialize due to the length of the name; however, variations of this alliteration appear in multiple places in the event text, including its introductory quote and Gunther's dialogue.[1]
  • Double Eleven developer George Platten worked as a level designer on the Wild West town area used during this event.[2]
  • During this event, Bottle and Cappy are referred to as "Buffalo Bottle" and "Cappy the Kid," in reference to real life Old West figures Buffalo Bill and Billy the Kid.


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Most Wanted appears to be frequently affected by the "fast travel bug." Fast traveling to Most Wanted from the overworld map may take multiple attempts, or will be significantly delayed.[verified]


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