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Maybe I can do some push ups for bit...

Morte, born Mortimer Rictusgrin, is a floating skull, and actually not a Mimir. He can be met in the special encounter Morte.


Morte is floating around the wasteland, having landed in New California after accidentally going through a portal in a brothel window in Sigil, the City of Doors.


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Notable quotesEdit

  • "This weather is doing wonders for my flaky, chalk-white skin."
  • "This is not my century..."
  • "When I get back to the Cage, that berk is going to get it..."
  • "A duck, a prime and a berk walk into a bar..."
  • "Maybe I can do some push ups for bit..."


Morte appears only in Fallout Tactics. He can be seen in the special encounter Morte.

Behind the scenesEdit

Morte is an important character and a potential companion in the game Planescape Torment made by Black Isle Studios. The lead designer was Chris Avellone, a major developer of the Fallout universe.

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