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The Morgantown trainyard is a location within Morgantown, Appalachia, in 2102.


The Morgantown trainyard is a large trainyard with two large warehouses, two signal towers and a tall lookout tower. The Responders left several caches of supplies in the area which still contain useful items in 2102.

The two warehouses are connected by a covered walkway - one is a workshop and one houses the main train loading area. The workshop building is located next to an orange and white trailer. It has two cooking stations - one outside the building and one upstairs. There is also a chemistry station and armor workbench inside. A chem box sits near the armor workbench and an industrial trunk can be found on one of the catwalks inside the main loading building.

A weapons workbench can be found in a small hut which sits apart from the main buildings.

Notable lootEdit

  • Carter and Blackwell - Traitors! - Note, found on a console inside the largest tower, which can be reached by a catwalk up from the main building.
  • Dear Spence - Note, on a desk in the northeast white tower.
  • Potential Vault-Tec bobbleheads (2)
    • In the control tower, on the terminal.
    • Inside the largest tower, to the left of a HAM radio, on a desk.
  • Potential magazines (2)
    • On a wooden box in the lookout tower.
    • On the second floor, opposite of a mattress leaning against the wall, on a wooden box.
  • Power armor chassis with T-series armor pieces - In a railcar with a crane over it beside the building.
  • Plan: Chemistry workbench - On (or submerged) on top of a crate to the right of the chemistry workbench.
  • Random armor mod plan - On the metal shelf next to the armor workbench, on the bottom row.
  • Random recipe - On the second floor, to the right of a cooking stove, on top of a cabinet.
  • Random armor mod - On the metal shelf next to the armor workbench, on the middle row.


The Morgantown trainyard appears only in Fallout 76.


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