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Morgantown Airport is a location within Morgantown in the Forest region of Appalachia.


The Morgantown Airport served as headquarters for the Responders after the Great War. In 2096,[1] all surviving Responders were recalled to defend the airport from the Scorched. Unable to do so, the airport was overrun and everyone inside killed. With the fall of their headquarters, the Responders were unable to mount an offensive to retake the airport, nor were they able to establish a new headquarters.

When Vault 76 opened, all known Responders were either dead or had abandoned their posts and fled Appalachia. The automated cargo bot delivery system the Responders used is still functional and triggers the event Collision Course when a player character is in the proximity of the landing pad. It is currently populated by Scorched and petrified corpses.[Non-canon 1]


Once serving as a transportation hub for travel to and from Morgantown, the airport was converted into the central headquarters for Responder operations in Appalachia. The expansive tarmac, main parking lot, and hangars were used for shelter as well as serving as stations for feeding and treating refugees. Shipping containers were likewise converted into makeshift shelters and the airport's terminal building was utilized for advanced training and housing other necessary facilities.

Medical tents and a triage station are situated in the front parking lot near checkpoints around the entrance. The Morgantown monorail station is located at the front of the terminal, and the perimeter is fortified by makeshift walls constructed with available materials, including salvaged armored personnel carriers.

There is a community garden next to a basketball court behind the terminal to the northwest. It contains a bounty of produce including wild carrot flowers, snaptail reeds, razorgrain, tatos, corn, and pumpkins. There is an armor workbench in a red shipping container near the garden. There is a blue container to the south of the red container which contains a weapons workbench and the remains of Rocky. A cooking station can be found near a truck, of which the trailer was made into a shelter.

The main control tower has makeshift scaffolding around the outside upon which sits a machine gun turret. Inside the tower is a radio which is the source of the Responders' distress signal, as well as a holotape recorded by Melody Larkin. Two power armor stations are found in the area.

Three hangars to the northeast of the main control tower have been converted into a Bot Shop, medical area, and laboratory. The Bot Shop used to be Miguel Caldera's main base of operations and his terminal can still be found inside. The Bot Shop also contains a weapons workbench, tinker's workbench and cooking stove, and a fusion generator with a working core. There is also a steamer trunk on the first floor which can be looted.

The medical hangar next door contains four first aid and the Responders laboratory terminal. The laboratory hangar is located in a fenced-off quarantine area next to the medical hangar. It contains a chemistry station and a Scorched corpse on a medical examination table.

Further into the westernmost area is a Quonset hut marked "quarantine." It contains cells with the bodies of those in varying states of becoming Scorched - corpses, skeletons, and petrified corpses. At the back of the area is part of a destroyed Skylanes Air plane. Inside is a cooking station as well as a makeshift camp in the cockpit with a cardboard cut-out of Nuka-Girl and a safe. Beside the plane is a landing pad for cargobots which is part of the quest Collision Course.

Notable loot

Notes and holotapes

  • The Christmas Flood - Holotape, found in a tent at the northwest end of the airfield.
  • Psych eval: Wyatt Johnson - Holotape, found in a locked safe in the airplane wreckage converted into a living area at the northeast end of the airfield.
  • Psych eval: Olivia P. Henderson - Holotape, found on a metal shelf in a hangar that has been converted into a medical facility, closest to the airplane wreckage.
  • Melody Larkin: Dispatch - Holotape, found in the control tower next to the ham radio.
  • De'Andre's note - Note, found in a green footlocker in the back of the middle hangar as one faces them while looking south, immediately to the west of the medical center.
  • Flatwoods supply delivery - Note, found in the hangar full of robot parts, attached to a clipboard on the central table with a broken eyebot sitting on it.
  • Sweet bean - Note, found on top of an old stereo in the robot repair hangar, in front and to the left of the kitchen area with the terminal while facing it.
  • Camp guide program v3.4 - Holotape, on the same stereo next to the sweet bean note, once the quest Tentative Plans is active. Another copy can be found on a rolling cart directly across from the stereo.
  • Flatwoods kiosks - Note, found in the shower area of the robot repair hangar.
  • Tasks - Note, found in the kitchen of the robot repair hangar, sitting on the left side of the sink in the kitchen.
  • Volunteer training: Camping 101 - Holotape, acquired from the Responder training terminal by starting the quest Tentative Plans.
  • Camping Syllabus - Note, at the remains of Miguel's camp just northeast of the airport's tarmac area. His Protectron, Mr. Fluffy, will be standing near the camp.
  • Patrol 1: Training Exercise - Holotape, acquired by selecting the "Patrol Supplies" options at the Responder training terminal on the northwest end of the airfield and starting the quest Safe for Work.
  • Patrol 2: Triage Center - Holotape, found in the locked safe next to the triage center terminal in the triage center tents on the southwest side of the airport, during Safe for Work.
  • Patrol 3: Processing Center - Holotape, found in the safe near the body of Responder Rocky during the quest Safe for Work. The safe is in a green cargo container in the northern processing center, during Safe for Work.
  • Patrol 4: Medical Center - Holotape, found in the back of the medical center hangar, in an explosives crate on a dolly, during Safe for Work.
  • Patrol 5: Control Tower - Holotape, acquired by selecting "Resource Requests" on the terminal in the air traffic control tower, during Safe for Work.
  • I remember you, mom - Note, found in the cemetery in the northwest corner of the area, sitting on top of a coffin in an open grave.
  • O Holy Night - Note, found on a dead Responder dressed in pastor's vestments, laying in the bed of a pickup truck with a piano at the refugee camp area.
  • DON'T TOUCH - Note, inside the robot repair hangar, on the upper floor, on the side of the pulley machine at the end of the walkway.
  • Gardening test - Note, at the airport's northwest farm, on the ground next to a petrified corpse and box.
  • Sweetheart - Note, inside the deployed green display area in the northwest section of the airport, on top of a chair on the far right.


  • Two potential Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • In one of the quarantine tents sitting next to a medkit.
    • In the laboratory hangar, on a shelf.
  • Two potential magazines:
    • At the top of the air traffic control tower, on the left side of the desk near a hot plate and coffee pot.
    • Inside the destroyed airliner, on a small table.

Other loot

  • Responders Bravo Station key - Key, on Responder Rocky's corpse. Opens a raider safe at the airport.
  • Fusion core - Inside the fusion generator within the 'Bot Shop' hangar.
  • Two potential recipes:
    • Inside the destroyed airliner, on a table.
    • Inside the destroyed airliner, on a cooking stove.


Morgantown Airport appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

The Morgantown Airport is based on the real world Morgantown Municipal Airport, colloquially known as Walter L. Bill Hart Field. It is located east Morgantown, West Virginia.




  1. Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide p.309: "35. MORGANTOWN AIRPORT
    Spanning most of the northern part of Morgantown is the expansive airport, recently turned into a large-scale Responders base, before a horde of Scorched descended upon the area. Behind the main terminal building (which houses a trading post as well as Power Armor Stations and an Overseer's Cache) is the main airport runway, turned into a shantytown with a modicum of turret defenses at the control tower. Head east to reach the hangars and quarantine area, where you find additional information on the Responders' experiments. Pick up Responder Volunteers: Advanced Training quests at the Responders HQ Terminal in the Command Post."
    (Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Atlas of Appalachia)