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Morgantown Airport is a location within Morgantown, Appalachia, in 2102.


The Morgantown Airport served as headquarters for the Responders after the Great War. In 2092,[1] all surviving Responders were recalled to defend the airport from the Scorched. Their efforts to defend the airport were unable to stop the Scorched who overran the airport and killed everyone inside. With the fall of their headquarters, the Responders were unable to mount an offensive to retake the airport, nor were they able to establish a new headquarters. By 2102, when Vault 76 opened, all known Responders were either dead or had abandoned their posts and fled Appalachia. The automated cargo bot delivery system the Responders used is still functional and triggers the event Collision Course when a player is in proximity of the landing pad.


Notable lootEdit

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For notable loot in the airport terminal, see Morgantown Airport terminal.
  • The Christmas Flood - Holotape, found in a tent at the northwest end of the air field.
  • Random Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • In one of the quarantine tents sitting next to a med kit.
    • In the laboratory hangar, on a shelf.
  • Psych eval: Wyatt Johnson - Holotape, found in a locked safe in the airplane wreckage converted into a living area at the northeast end of the airfield.
  • Psych eval: Olivia P. Henderson - Holotape, found on a metal shelf in a hangar that has been converted into a medical facility, closest to the airplane wreckage.
  • Melody Larkin: Dispatch - Holotape, found in the control tower next to the ham radio.
  • De'Andre's note - Note, found in a green footlocker in the back of the middle hangar as one faces them while looking south, immediately to the west of the medical center.
  • Flatwoods supply delivery - Note, found in the hangar full of robot parts, attached to a clipboard on the central table with a broken eyebot sitting on it.
  • Sweet bean - Note, found on top of an old stereo in the robot repair hangar, in front and to the left of the kitchen area with the terminal while facing it.
  • Camp guide program v3.4 - Holotape, found next to the sweet bean note, once the quest Tentative Plans is active.
  • Flatwoods kiosks - Note, found in the shower area of the robot repair hangar.
  • Tasks - Note, found in the kitchen of the robot repair hangar, sitting on the left side of the sink in the kitchen.
  • Volunteer training: Camping 101 - Holotape, found in the robot repair hangar, on top of an old stereo.
  • Camping Syllabus - Note, at the remains of Miguel's camp just northeast of the airport's tarmac area. His protectron, Mr. Fluffy, will be standing near the camp.
  • Patrol 2: Triage Center - Holotape, found in the locked safe next to the triage center terminal in the triage center tents on the southwest side of the airport, during the quest Safe for Work.
  • Patrol 3: Processing Center - Holotape, found in the safe near the body of Responder Rocky during the quest Safe for Work. The safe is in a green cargo container in the northern processing center.
  • Patrol 4: Medical Center - Holotape, found in the upper level of the medical center hangar on a metal shelf.
  • Patrol 5: Control Tower - Holotape, found during Safe for Work by selecting "Resource Requests" on the terminal in the air traffic control tower.
  • I remember you, mom - Note, found in the cemetery in the northwest corner of the area, sitting on top of a coffin in an open grave.
  • O holy night - Note, found on a dead Responder dressed in pastor's vestments, laying in the bed of a pickup truck with a piano at the refugee camp area.
  • Random magazines:
    • On the left side of the desk at the top of the air traffic control tower.
    • On a small table inside the destroyed airliner.
  • DON'T TOUCH - Note, inside the robot repair hangar, on the upper floor, on the side of the pulley machine at the end of the walkway.
  • Gardening test - Note, at the airport's northwest farm, on the ground next to a petrified corpse and box.
  • Sweetheart - Note, inside the deployed green display area in the northwest section of the airport, on top of a chair on the far right.
  • Responders Bravo Station key - Key on Responder Rocky's corpse. Opens raider safe at the airport.
  • Random recipes - Two inside the destroyed airliner, one on a table and another on top of a cooking stove.
  • Fusion core - Inside the fusion generator within the 'Bot Shop' hangar.


Morgantown Airport appears only in Fallout 76.



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