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Morgantown is a city in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2102.


After The Christmas Flood nearly wiped out the Responders, the remaining few moved to Morgantown, claiming the Morgantown Airport as their headquarters. They were trying to keep Morgantown safe, setting an automated protectron route to guard the city. Sometime before 2102, the Responders and people of Morgantown were wiped out.

The city itself prior to the Responders moving in fell to the squabbling of numerous rival student gangs. These gangs were formed by students survivors, that emerged from the Vault-Tec University and the city of Morgantown, and were led by students from VTU who had been studying to become overseers. The students organized into groups and eventually formed powerful feudal gangs with strict chains of command.

These gangs eliminated or absorbed each other in their struggle to procure resources and supplies, as well as to establish control over territories in the city. Sometime after, only two sizeable gangs remained to dominate the landscape of Morgantown: the Street House and the Roof House. Street House dominated the lower level of Morgantown and actively sought the destruction of the Roof House, while the Roof House dominated the upper level of Morgantown and sought much of the same. By the time Vault 76 was opened, both gangs ceased to exist.


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Notable loot

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For notable loot in the Shadowbreeze Apartments, see Shadowbreeze Apartments.
For notable loot in Vault-Tec University, see Vault-Tec University.
For notable loot in Fraternity Row, see Fraternity Row.
  • Suspicious note - Two notes found in the booby trapped warehouse southwest of the Mama Dolce's Food Processing plant:
    • One note is nailed to a wooden crate by a screwdriver on the lower level, next to a safe with a skull on top of it.
    • The other note is on a suspended plank on the upper level, in front of the cymbal clapping monkey.
  • In memory of books - Holotape, in a locked safe in a bookstore at the southwest end of Morgantown, near the entrance to the Morgantown monorail station. The bookstore is connected to a salon by a hole in the wall.
  • HR meeting minutes - Holotape, in an ornate desk in a red brick building with an "Apartments" sign on it in the southern end of Morgantown, near the Super Duper Mart and Graviano's Italian eatery. The building can be access from the monorail tracks or by crossing a ladder from the eatery.
  • To Janet - A copy of this note can be found hanging on the bulletin board of the Morgantown bar.
  • Monorail maintenance log #30045 - This holotape can be found sitting on the floor of the monorail car on the track at the VTU monorail station, next to a gray toolbox.
  • Damaged holotape - On the body of a young woman in an alley northeast of the Vault-Tec University monorail stop, past the abandoned camp and across the street from a parking garage. The body will be near the dumpsters.
  • Dumb street kids - Holotape, on a table on the roof of the building northeast from the VTU monorail stop. The catwalk leading to the roof of the building is booby trapped with punji boards and a rigged gun trap, in addition to the door being locked.
  • Tear it all down - Note, on a stack of wooden crates in the abandoned camp area to the east of VTU, in front of the largest tent and near a circle of chairs.
  • The Battle of Morgantown - Holotape, in a green portable toilet next to a skeleton, just north of the abandoned camp, against the north side of the walls.
  • Postcard from Maddy - On the porch of a house just northeast of the Shadowbreeze Apartments, on the deck between the skeleton and blue suitcase.
  • Postcard from grandma - Next to a female skeleton on the back porch of a red brick house to the northeast of the Morgantown High School water tower.
  • Postcard from Elizabeth - On a desk in an apartment building immediately north of the VTU campus. The apartments can be entered from the ground level or by the monorail. The note is near the entrance from the monorail.
  • Trouble with radiation - This note can be found on the roof of the apartments, next to a sleeping bag in the campsite. The gate must be unlocked or jumped over from the higher fire escape. There is also another gate from the monorail on the east side with stairs booby trapped by punji boards.
  • History of Morgantown: Vol. I - Holotape, found on the roof of a building north of the Vault-Tec University along the monorail tracks in a campsite. The campsite is accessed by jumping from boxes stacked on the monorail tracks and climbing over the triangular roof. A fire escape on the opposite side is the way down.
  • History of Morgantown: Vol. II - Holotape, found on rooftop accessible from the monorail tracks, from the Vault-Tec University station follow the tracks north and to the west until reaching a plank suspended by cinderblocks on south side of the tracks. Jumping from the board and onto the nearby roof and following the boards will lead to a table with the holotape on it, next to some blue place settings.
  • History of Morgantown: Vol. III - Holotape, found next to an ammo box and duffle bag under a wooden tower on the northern intersection of the monorail track, near the northern monorail exit/parking garage and almost immediately southeast of the Morgantown Airport hangars.
  • History of Morgantown: Vol. IV - Holotape, on the roof across the monorail from the desk with the postcard from Elizabeth. It will be on a metal duct to the south of the wooden shack.
  • Stuck - Holotape, on the roof of the building just north from where the History of Morgantown: Vol. IV is obtained. The roof is accessed by taking a long jump from the monorail. The holotape is on a table near the weapons workbench.
  • Postcard from VTU - The postcard is on another table with cardboard boxes near the table with the Stuck holotape.
  • History of Morgantown: Author's notes - Holotape, on a bed on the roof of the building on the opposite side of volume IV, to reach it, one must follow the monorail tracks to the south and jump onto the first fire escape and climb it to the top, then jump off to the ledge below the billboard and follow the roof around to the campsite.
  • Postcard from mom & dad - On a dresser with a picture frame and flower vase near the author's notes holotape.
  • Everyone - Note, in Stash M-3 in the remains of the bank, next to a dead Responder on the desk.
  • Postcard from home - Underneath a shot glass on a table in the bar to the north of the VTU campus.
  • Unfinished postcard - Found on an elevated porch to the southeast of the wooden structure on the monorail tracks and the Pulowski Preservation shelter below. It will be on a small table with a pencil and beer bottle.
  • PSY101 notebook cover - Near the wooden tower built on the monorail tracks to the north, on some metal shelves to the right of the chemistry workbench.
  • Roof climber's poem - Note, on the very top of the red brick building northeast of the Street House gang camp. To reach the spot, one must head east from the camp and jump on top of the mini-parking lot. From there one must jump on the catwalk that is attached to the red brick building and head upstairs. Upon reaching "Danger! Cliff Edge, Stay Away!" poster, one must turn left and use improvised climbing steps to reach the very top of the building. The poem lies there.
  • Birthday toast drafts
  • Business is bad - Note, in the supply closet of the barber shop in the southwest part of town, behind a locked door requiring level 1 Picklock.
  • AUTOMATED RECORD 0000001 - Holotape, in a "mysterious box" southeast of Big Al's Tattoo Parlor, in the parking lot of the Super Duper Mart.


Morgantown appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

  • On the east side of town, there is an apartment building with a Nuka-Cola billboard. Inside one of the rooms is a set of wooden blocks that spell out "BFG," a reference to the weapon first appearing in the Doom franchise, published by Bethesda Softworks since 2010.
  • Morgantown is based upon the real-world city of Morgantown, WV. Interestingly, the real Morgantown is located north of Grafton; its in-game location more accurately corresponds with the town of Buckhannon, WV.
  • The monorail is based on the Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit (PRT), operated by West Virginia University.


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