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From deep space to the Glowing Sea, this space suit - once worn by TranStar Industries' Morgan Yu - will help turn you from prey to predator.— Store description

Morgan's space suit is a set of armor in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Morgan's Space Suit."


As the name states, Morgan's space suit is based on the TranStar Industries spacesuit worn by Morgan Yu, the protagonist of Prey (2017). The suit sports the same coloration and helmet design, right down to Morgan's "M. Yu" name tag.


The space suit, while similar to previous iterations of the space suit, takes on much more of a resemblance to the REPCONN Aerospace space suit, at least in its red and gray color scheme. The suit itself has a uniquely-designed closed helmet as well as a black collar piece and tubing. From the neck down, the right side of the suit is adorned with the red TranStar logo, black air tube pieces and a zipper that nearly stretches all the way down to the suit's boot. The exceptions to the majority black coloring on the right side is the gold cuff-link for the heavy black gloves and the red shoulder and TranStar logo.

The rest of the suit, from the neck down, is colored red with a gold TranStar ID tag, the iconic "M. Yu" nametag and black striping decorating the top left arm and shoulder with the exception of the completely black gloves. The left breast is adorned with a small circular piece. The torso has a belt-like decorative stripe, with two rectangular buttons on the left side. The left kneecap is covered by a three-buttoned pad, and ends the ensemble with heavy black boots.


Upon initial release, the space suit could not be modified. However, this was eventually updated to enable ballistic weave upgrades. This makes the space suit highly valuable to those who have purchased it as this can function as a radiation suit that actually provides damage resistance for those who want to avoid power armor.


Morgan's space suit is added to the Sole Survivor's inventory immediately upon loading or starting a new game once the Creation Club content is installed.