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But ever since I turned, there's always this nagging feeling, just at the back of my mind... that I will have to feast ON HUMANS! RAHHH! ...Seriously? Nothing? Shit. I thought it was funny. Overall, though, being a ghoul, mixed bag. Can't say I'd recommend it as a lifestyle choice.

Mordecai "Mort" McCoy is a bar patron at the Wayward in Appalachia.


On the day of the Great War, Mort survived by hiding in the back of a truck, recalling that was like being in a hurricane.

An avid explorer, Mort has visited most locations in the Forest and has figured out how C.A.M.P.s work. He is a good source of insight on both of those topics. Describing himself as an "independent operator," Mort is often hired whenever people need to go through radiation to get something. He is a frequent patron of the Wayward and a friend of Duchess, helping her when she needs assistance while racking up his bar tab at the same time. However, because of the help he provides, she grants forgiveness for his tab.[1] He also mentions paying a visit to WV Lumber Co. some time ago to find the place was originally crawling with super mutants.

After speaking to Duchess about dealing with the group that Batter belongs to, Mort can be spoken with to offer some holotapes on C.A.M.P.s he put together to help out the Vault Dwellers, especially if the player characters are just fresh out of the vault from being created and completing "Reclamation Day." He also mentions that, due to his ghoul physiology, he's able to head into irradiated areas safely where others like them due to their human physiology would, as he put it, soak up so much radiation that, "they'd be as cooked as a TV dinner."

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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This character is involved in quests.


  • Wayward Souls: Mort is first seen upon entering the Wayward for the first time, hiding while Batter holds Duchess at gunpoint, demanding information on someone named Crane. Even if the player character intervenes and tries to talk Batter down, most SPECIAL-enhanced conversation choices result in Batter still being shot and killed by Mort, or in a joint effort by Mort and the player characters.
  • Hunter for Hire: Mort offers a few alternatives to dealing with the Free Radicals; namely by seeking out others at Anchor farm and the Tyler County Fairgrounds for help and information.

Other interactions[]

  • If one chose to join the Free Radicals during Hunter for Hire, Mort can later be found being restrained and on his knees by the Free Radicals upon returning to the Wayward near the conclusion of The Elusive Crane. If Roper and his crew are convinced to depart in peace without further conflict, Mort will be released and return to his usual stool at the counter now that Roper and the Free Radicals have been pacified and won't disturb the Wayward again.
  • If Polly was given a body she was unhappy with, this will unlock a possible variant of a random conversation in which Mort asks about her new body and she thanks him for saying it is not that bad.
  • After the completion of Secrets Revealed, Mort will express annoyance that the treasure of Appalachia is "useless" gold bullion and not a more immediately useful resource.[2]


Apparel Weapon Other items
Black vest and slacks (non-lootable) 10mm pistol


  • Mort was the first ghoul character shown in Wastelanders previews.
  • Mort is one of the few ghouls in the Fallout series to have a full head of hair.
  • Mort may not always be in the Wayward. Changing servers can spawn him inside.
  • Mort can be seen crouch-walking away from the bar area to get behind Batter. If players linger in the entrance area for even a little, they will miss it.
  • A random conversation may occur between Duchess and Mort in which they discuss The Giant Teapot and Duchess' grandmother. Another conversation may occur between Sol and Mort where they mention Jide.

Related holotapes[]

Notable quotes[]

  • "Glad to hear Vault-Tec actually took care of some of their people."
  • "Allergies. Learned the hard way I can't stand within 10 feet of a strawberry. Heh, come on man, that's a joke. Truth is, I was outside on doomsday. Now you see, I drove security and I was coming back from a pick-up in the truck, when I feel this rumble, quiet... then a whole lot less quiet. The truck is hit with this wind. And there was like someone dropped a hurricane on it. I can hear it, battering the truck. Bang! Bang! Bang! Like it's got a grudge against it. And then I unlock the door into the back and then... Bang, I wake up, man, and it's crazy. Somehow in the back of the truck. Alive and kicking. All it cost me was my skin and any opportunity for someone liking me for anything other than my lovely personality. That was the day I became, well, they call us Ghouls. Not the most flattering name but still, beats being vaporized."
  • "For real, Duchess? A nurse? Like little white hat and candy stripes?"


Mort appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.



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  2. Mordecai McCoy: "Did you hear? Someone found the damn treasure and it turns out to be... gold! How useless is that?! A cave full of snack cakes would be more productive! Eh, someone else's problem. What's going on?"
    (Mordecai McCoy's dialogue)