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Bishop Mordecai was an inhabitant of New Canaan in 2281.


An elderly leader of the residents of New Canaan, Bishop Mordecai was content in living out his years among his congregation. Daniel recounts the events of when the White Legs sacked New Canaan, leading to the bishop's death. Daniel explained that Mordecai was advanced in years, in poor health, and could no longer walk.[1]

Daniel shares that when the White Legs attacked, the bishop's home was set on fire. Since the elderly man was not ambulatory and on the second floor of the home, they could not get him out of the building in time.[1] Daniel is still troubled by the experience, in that the bishop did not die of smoke inhalation, subsequently resulting in Daniel experiencing reoccurring nightmares.[1]


Mordecai is mentioned in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.


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    (Daniel's dialogue)
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