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Oh goody, I hope you're here to make some moonshine because we haven't made our special batch in some time. Mire Magic Moonshine, made with the finest venom from some sizable salamanders.

Moonshiner Ned is a Mister Handy encountered in Appalachia.


Ned is a robot who once belonged to the Sunday brothers Jesus and J.D., and helped them in their moonshining operation. After the brothers' deaths, the Mister Handy lay dormant and deactivated in their cabin basement. Years later, Slayer, a member of the Crater Raiders from the Crater, led a small crew who, in June of an undated year, discovered the cabin. Seeing fit to claim it as their own, Slayer's crew scavenged the property, leading Asher to find Ned in the basement.[1] The next day, Slayer got the robot back online. It would not "shut up about making moonshine," but Slayer thought that starting such an operation would be a good fit for his gang.[2] They eventually named the Mister Handy "Moonshiner Ned," after a talkative drunk person that they had previously encountered. Ned spoke of making more moonshine and holding a jamboree, which Slayer and his gang saw as an opportunity to party.[3] By June 16, Slayer and his crew had finished setting up their fortifications at the bunker and decided to hold the party to celebrate, courtesy of Ned's moonshining efforts.[4]

However, at the same time, the crew began to hear strange noises coming from the wilderness surrounding the cabin.[4] Some of the raiders began to spot "giant lizards" at the edge of the property. Ned was excited about this, saying that their venom makes the moonshine more special.[5] By June 29, all of the crew but Ned and Petey had left Slayer, as they were fearful of the creatures stalking the cabin and feeling weak from the strength of the moonshine. Slayer wrote that the creatures were drawing closer to the cabin, something that he invited in his drunken stupor.[6] Although Slayer and Petey are found dead throughout the property, Moonshiner Ned is still active, hoping to hold more moonshine jamborees.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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This character ignores combat and cannot be damaged.
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This character starts events.

Moonshine Jamboree


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  • Ned only appears physically during Event: Moonshine Jamboree. After the event's conclusion, he will disappear from the game until the event starts again.
  • Ned uses the same character template as Crutchley.


Moonshiner Ned appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Test Your Metal update.