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Help Moonshiner Ned defend the stills and make some moonshine.

Event: Moonshine Jamboree is a public event in Fallout 76, introduced in the Test Your Metal update. It has a recommended player level of 50. It can become a mutated public event with the Freezing, Reflective, or Resilient mutations, as of the Mutation Invasion update.

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Talk to Moonshiner Ned.
  • Light the jamboree fire.
  • Defend the three stills against waves of anglers, feral ghouls and gulpers.
  • During the waves, collect 30 acidic gulper venom from gulper corpses and deliver at least 30 to the bathtub inside the main building. For extra rewards, collect an additional 30 venom for a total of 60 when prompted by Ned.
  • Keep all 3 distillers from being destroyed for better rewards.
  • The event concludes when the final wave is defeated.

Detailed walkthrough[]

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Speak to Moonshiner NedA strange Mister Handy by the name of Moonshiner Ned wants to have a jamboree. He said something about shooting large salamanders and making special moonshine.
Wait for the Jamboree to beginLight the Jamboree fire
Light the Jamboree fireTime to light the fire and get this moonshine jamboree going.
Defend the Stills - Wave #/4
Deliver Acidic Gulper Venom to the tub (#/#)
(Optional) Deliver Acidic Gulper Venom to the tub (#/#)
Defend 3 Stills from dangerous creatures, and kill some Gulpers for their venom so I can fill a bathtub and make moonshine. This sounds about right for a jamboree!
Award Reputation


Completing the event will reward the player some Raider reputation.

The rewards are additive and will stack depending on what objectives are completed. For collecting the minimum amount of 30 venom, the base rewards will be given. If you collect 60 venom, you'll get both the basic and the extra venom rewards lists. Then you will additionally receive one of the 3 possible distiller rewards lists, depending on how many distillers survive. And finally, if you collect the extra venom and all 3 distillers survive, you will receive the final rewards list in addition to everything previously awarded.

Base Rewards
  • Stimpaks (1)
  • Rads meds (1)
  • RadAway (15%)
  • Radaway: Diluted (35%)
  • Rad-X (15%)
  • Rad-X: Diluted (35%)
Extra Venom Collected (60)
  • (+50) XP
  • (+10) Bottle cap
  • Additional random quantity and type of ammunition
  • Stimpaks (+1)
  • Rads meds (+1)
  • RadAway (15%)
  • Radaway: Diluted (35%)
  • Rad-X (15%)
  • Rad-X: Diluted (35%)
2 Distillers Destroyed
1 Distiller Destroyed
No Distillers Destroyed
  • Gulper Smacker Mod Plans (1)

No Distillers Destroyed and Extra Venom Collected

Behind the scenes[]

During early testing in the Public Test Server, this event had the same quest icon/animation as Tea Time and Project Beanstalk. It was later replaced with a unique icon/animation.


  • [Platforms needed] If the barn distiller is destroyed but the others survive, an additional 150 XP will be rewarded instead of 100. The 150 XP bonus was supposed to be rewarded for keeping all 3 distillers intact but was added to the wrong rewards condition. [verification overdue]
  • [Platforms needed] Turning in 60 venom all at once can cause the deposit to not register and can fail the event. [verification overdue]