The Montgomery County Reservoir is an abandoned water treatment plant northwest of the Reclining Groves Resort Homes and a home for up to a half dozen raiders and, depending on level, a sentry bot. There are ammunition boxes in the upstairs of the barn and in a silo to the northwest.


The treatment station serves no real use other than a stopping point in the mid-northwest part of the map, as it is not a place of random encounters, nor is there any extraordinary loot inside the reservoir excluding the 30 HP health boost (with only 2 rads) from drinking the water. This can be used by activating the wheel on two of the four circular water tanks. There is also an abandoned barn to the northwest, where three ammunition boxes (one Very Easy locked) can be found on the second floor, as well as a "fake" pre-War book and a bottle of vodka (with Broken Steel). West of the barn are three more unlocked ammunition boxes in a makeshift shelter.

Inside the silo next to the barn, there is an assault rifle and a carton of cigarettes in the middle of the floor and a first aid box in the upper left hand corner. There is a ladder leading up to the silo's walkway with two ammunition boxes (one Easy locked). Going into the silo may spawn a group of Talon Company mercs or Regulators, depending on Karma level.


  • The silo located at Montgomery County Reservoir is added in Broken Steel. Aside from decorative items such as potentially stolen barrels of Aqua Pura it contains munitions (ammunition boxes and an R91 assault rifle) and a first aid box.
  • The raiders respawn roughly every three game days.


Montgomery County Reservoir appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Montgomery County Reservoir is a real landmark in Montgomery County, Maryland.


PCIcon pc A short distance north of the site, there is a cliff that has not had the rocks along the bottom textured properly, and the player will be able to walk behind them by going to the east side of the cliff and walking west into it. The player will be able to see outside to the south but will not be able to walk through the rocks. They can escape by walking through the same area they entered through. [verified]


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