The Scorpions hang out at the Monte Carlo when they aren't slinging chems or getting their heads blown off by the Fiends.Klamath Bob

The Monte Carlo Suites is a location in the Mojave Wasteland.


The Monte Carlo Suites is a large building with a big neon sign on the roof to the western side of New Vegas, placed directly north from Sunset Sarsaparilla headquarters and south of Westside, and base of the Scorpions. Some info can be provided about the place (and its current inhabitants) by Klamath Bob, if asked about it in his liquor store at Westside.

The building has quite a decayed look, with two blue wrecked trucks outside the entrance, but the inside is more or less well preserved, excluding the demolished stairs (that deny access to the second floor). One thug of the Scorpions Gang usually guards the front door, and will attack the Courier on sight. More members can be found inside: two of them wandering within the rectangular corridor and the several rooms, while another four stay in an Easy locked room. There are also one male by the name of Roller and a female named Yvette, both of them hostile to the Courier too, located in other rooms.

The Scorpions gang members (including Roller and Yvette) wear light mercenary outfits; some of them carry small guns, others have switchblades and will attack at close range. A close observation suggests that they are more "sophisticated" than a typical party, having arranged sleeping quarters, dining room, children room, workspace and a constant guard outside.

The rooms contain several refrigerators and ovens (providing some food) and various crates, including one locked ammunition box (Average). A workbench and a reloading bench can be found in the third room, to the right from the entrance.

Notable lootEdit


  • To the immediate west of the building is an abandoned house that can be entered. The mailbox in front of the door is rigged with a proximity bomb. Upon exiting the house, the Courier will be ambushed by three Fiends.
  • There is a Sierra Madre poster in one of the rooms.


Monte Carlo Suites appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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