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Wear a pinata mask, get candy, turn it in for prizes, and avoid being beaten to a pulp!

Monster Mash is a PVP-enabled event quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Go to Watoga High School when the event is active as the marker will appear on the map when it is started. First player to get the monster mask is essentially marked "IT" for other players and enemies to attack and kill for the candy in the mask. The mask can be replenished by getting to candy buckets randomly spawned around the school, but guarded by charred feral ghouls. The quest lasts for three five-minute rounds. After the final round, the quest is completed. Successfully completing the quest for the first time awards the achievement. Halloween candy collected during the quest can be dropped off at the SMART choice machine to be redeemed for either various junk, or other prizes of higher value as the candy turned in will accumulate, allowing to get the more expensive rewards if the event is done multiple times when available to get more candy.

Detailed walkthrough

When the quest starts, head over to Watoga High School. Once inside, the rules are explained: One player character needs to find the monster mask and put it on. Once they do, they are marked as "IT", allowing for other players and the charred feral ghouls in the school to attack them for the candy in the mask as during this quest, Pacifist Mode is disabled in order to attack the player wearing the monster mask. The longer the player character wearing the mask lasts, the more candy they earn for themselves. Candy buckets around the school can be collected to replenish the mask, but will be guarded in most cases by more charred feral ghouls. Once a player character wearing the mask is slain, the mask resets to another location in the school for another player character to collect to become "IT". After a round ends, player characters can deposit the Halloween candy they collected into the SMART choice machine to redeem later for prizes when they've collected enough from doing the quest repeatedly. After three rounds of fighting each other and the charred feral ghouls, whoever collected the most candy wins, and those placed first, second, and third in the competition will be rewarded for their efforts with the quest completed. First time completing the quest awards the Monster Mash achievement.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Ranking (Candy)I'm participating in Watoga High School's Monster Mash. I need to collect as much candy as possible. I can do this by wearing the mask and avoiding getting hit by others, or I can hit the person wearing the mask to steal their candy.
? Candy in Mask: (MaskCandy)
? Wait for the Monster Mash to Begin
? (Optional) Use the SMART vending machine
? Remaining Time in Round
? Grab the mask!
?Quest finishedSteal candy by hitting (MaskWearer)


  • This event quest can be played individually or against other players. If multiple players are participating in the event then a ranked list of the top 3 players and their total amounts of Halloween Candy will be shown on screen.
  • Candy can be acquired by finding orange Halloween plastic pumpkins. Candy is lost when the player is attacked by an enemy or other player.
  • The Halloween candy collected during the event and awarded upon its completion can be redeemed at any time at the SMART choice machine for prizes.

Behind the scenes

The event's name references the song "Monster Mash" by Bobby Pickett which is a popular song in the United States of America around Halloween.


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Upon completion of the event, the mask will sometimes remain on the players face for the rest of their time in the server and will not appear in the player's inventory. This bug is only client-sided and other players are not able to see the mask on the player's face after the event. [verified]

  • This bug can be fixed by either joining another server or by entering power armor.