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Monsignor Plaza is a location inhabited by raiders in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Monsignor Plaza has three entrances. There is a locked door (Expert lock) on the east side which leads directly up to the top floor, with some low-moderate level radiation from a barrel at the bottom of the stairs and a few can chimes, plus a trip wire at the top of the stairs. The "main" entrance has an enclosed fortification shielding it including at least one machine gun turret and several raider guards. The lower level entrance is located in the "U" - shaped clearing next to Ticonderoga Safehouse. Entering via the lower level is slightly easier as there are no exterior guards or raiders nearby on the inside, the door itself is unlocked, and there is an unlocked terminal with a police Protectron just inside. The robot can be activated and will patrol the hallways, distracting, and possibly eliminating some of the raider guards. To the left of the Protectron is a safe (Novice) behind the counter.

The rest of the enclosure is a standard raider warren for the most part, with various ammo containers and supply boxes scattered throughout the three levels. If the player is here completing a Quartermastery quest assignment, the quest item will be at the end of the third-floor hallway past the wrecked "Slocum's Joe" shop. This room also holds the key for the door at the bottom of the adjacent stairwell. There is a trip wire on the other side of the door to the stairwell.

There is a defunct gun shop on the third floor with an unlocked terminal controlling one of the turrets (though it's very likely you'll need to destroy said turret in order to get near the terminal). The shop has a variety of ammo to loot, but take care as there is a bathroom scale floor trap behind the counter. There is also an inaccessible branch of Fallon's department store situated here.

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  • The terminal entries reveal some minor friction between Griswold and Sue. Sue's terminal only has narrative entries and does not provide any control or unlocking options.
  • The raider on the top floor near the Slocum's Joe is a ghoul while the other raiders in the area are human.


Monsignor Plaza appears only in Fallout 4.


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 When exiting through the lower floor it may cause the game to freeze at the loading screen.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 A game-breaking glitch causes Monsignor Plaza to be unplayable with a crash. For some players, Patch 1.02 fixes the problem, however, the problem still exists due to this issue affecting all save files. Bethesda forums offer a workaround for quests related to this problem, mostly The Railroad-related quests.[verified]