Monongah Mine terminal entries are a series of entries found on a terminal at Monongah Mine in Fallout 76.

Mining supervisor's terminalEdit


Hornwright Industrial Mining Company

Current User: Deke Sykes {Mine Supervisor}

Supervisor's Notes - 04.14.75Edit


After getting the okay from the big man himself, we've set up shop outside Monongah Mine. The Auto-Miner units should arrive tomorrow, so I'm having my team set up the repair stations and supply depots we need to keep them humming.

Our target is coal, which is supposedly in vast quantities below. I'm going to start looking for a place to stay in Monongah Township, as this job looks like it might last for years.

Supervisor's Notes - 04.18.75Edit


With the Auto-Miners uncrated and ready, the first order of business at Monongah will be safety.

Apparently, there was some sort of a disaster way back in 1907, when an explosion ripped through the mines and killed something like 367 people. There's no telling how much damage was done to the existing tunnels, so we'll use the Auto-Miners to remote inspect and look for trouble spots. Shouldn't take more than a month to get the mine ready for work.

Supervisor's Notes - 07.30.75Edit


It's been nearly two months since we started digging at Monongah Mine, and the coal is flowing like water. The Auto-Miners were designed to extract high-density ore, so these coal veins are a cinch.

Hornwright seems to be pleased with the output, and even gave me a bonus for getting the mine on its feet so quickly. Things are looking good around here.

Supervisor's Notes - 12.24.75Edit


After completing our geological survey today, we've concluded that Monongah Mine will be fully depleted of coal deposits within a month.

I put in a request for the initial surveys that were completed a year ago, and was surprised to see that this was a known quantity. It's obvious that this site was never intended for long-term mining.

After sending word up the chain to the CEO, I was told to begin shutting down the Auto-Miners the moment the last bit of coal is extracted. Sounds like Monongah Township won't be getting their royalty checks for much longer. Merry Christmas, right?

Supervisor's Notes - 01.07.76Edit


Today's the last day we're pulling coal from Monongah Mine. I've got most of the Auto-Miners packed up and the support equipment is on its way back to our depot.

There are a few townsfolk watching us from the perimeter of the property, but they haven't really caused us any issues. Maybe Hornwright will cut them some sort of a deal to make up for stripping everything left in the mine, but somehow, I doubt that's going to happen. Oh well, it's not my problem. On to the next project.

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