Your regenerative ability has been enhanced by the PHOENIX Monocyte Breeder implant, causing you to slowly regenerate lost hit points.— In-game description

Monocyte Breeder is a Fallout: New Vegas implant perk.


This perk is not available during level up, but rather must be purchased. It's an implant named the PHOENIX Monocyte Breeder which may be purchased from Doctor Usanagi at the New Vegas medical clinic for 12,000 caps, through the use of an Auto-Doc. It is designed to gradually heal damage over time by speeding up the user's cell regeneration.


Regenerate 1 HP every 10 seconds.


  • In Hardcore Mode, sleeping on a bed you do not own (or did not rent) does not heal the player, and thus consumables are the only source of healing; with this perk sleeping and waiting will heal based on the equivalent in real-world seconds to the in-game time passed. Fast-traveling will also heal the player for the estimated amount of game-time that the player travels through. Therefore, the healing rate is almost instantaneous, save for the loading sequences between each fast-travel.
  • Since it takes so long to fully heal the player, this effect is only valuable outside of battle.
  • Players will find that this implant is very useful during the Dead Money add-on because of the short supply of stimpaks. Players also playing with Hardcore mode active will find it especially useful, as it automatically counteracts the slow health drain that the Cloud inflicts.
  • Waiting 1 in-game hour will restore 12 HP.
  • Individual limb health is not affected by the regeneration; these must still be healed by normal means.
  • The scorched Sierra power armor, which is only obtainable in the add-on Lonesome Road, provides a more noticeable healing effect of 2 HP per second.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Monocytes are a form of white blood cell (leukocytes) which react to inflammation signals and differentiate into infection-fighting cells to protect the body from disease.
  • The general term "phoenix" is a reference to the Greek mythical firebird. Most accounts say that the bird was an immortal creature: at the time of death, it would ignite, burn to ashes, and be reborn from them.
  • The actual implant name is most likely a reference to perk-like implants that could be installed in Fallout 2.
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