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This is a transcript for dialogue with Molly.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
6 003FBBE6 003FBBEE You look like you could use a drink. Then again, who doesn't these days? Vendor dialogue.
7 003FBBEF Whatever you need to fit the mood, I got you covered. Vendor dialogue.
8 003FBBF0 Drinks, chems... a secret or two. You got the caps, I got the poison. Vendor dialogue.
9 003FBBF1 Drink a little, talk a little... sell, buy, whatever. It's what I'm here for.
10 003FBBF2 Hey, if you got time, I got something that could make it worthwhile.
26 004033EF If I catch Creed trying to steal from me one more time, I'm gonna wear his teeth as a trophy. Threatening
27 004033F0 Another day, another sordid mess of stories. Speaking to herself. Not a complaint, more in anticipation of what she may hear.
28 004033F1 Hope this little stint pays off. Not that I miss the Commonwealth. Speaking to herself.
29 004033F2 Running low on whiskey as usual. I should start watering that shit down. Speaking to herself.
30 004033F3 If you're gonna buy chems, you better know how to use 'em. I like my customers alive and well, thank you. Giving a warning
92 005619EE Fuck off. Hates the player.
93 005619EF Take a hike, you piece of shit. Hates the player.
94 005619F0 You better get the hell outta here. Hates the player.
176 00553C52 0053AFB9 Good thing that old concoction of yours tasted like crap. Wouldn't want to have to add it to the menu. Joking around
177 0053AFBA Lou's one of my best customers. I also may be the only one around here that likes seeing that mug around. Thoughtful
178 0053AFBB Normally, I'd say kids are a burden... But when they come with a Super Mutant bodyguard? You learn to love 'em.
179 0053AFBC Have fun in Watoga? Never a dull moment down there from what I hear. Curious.
180 0053AFBD Anyone who thinks they can stab Meg in the back and get away with it has got another thing coming... and that other "thing" is never pretty.
181 0053AFBE Well, well! I'd say drinks are on the house, but really, that's no way to run a business.
182 00553C5C Meg told us we had ourselves a Vault Dweller getting their hands dirty 'round here. Welcome to Outpost-Crater-01, kid. Re-Record: "01" is pronounced as "one".
183 0055464F I miss Lou's ugly mug. Gave him character, which is more than I can say for most of this lot. Thoughtful
207 0059F1AA Huh. You're new. Looking to dispose of some brain cells? Or was there something else that brought you to my lovely establishment? A new patron has just approached your bar.
208 0059F1D7 Not interested in the stock? Your loss, I guess. So what was it you wanted? A patron you like has approached the bar and want to talk to you.
209 0059F1D8 You bringing me the good dirt? Or just looking to jaw a little? A patron you like has approached the bar and want to talk to you.
210 0059F1D9 Something on your mind? Keep this very neutral. You don't like or hate this person.
211 0059F1DA Yah? What is it? Not mean, but terse. You're still willing to talk to this person, but you're not thrilled with their actions.
212 0059F1DB I'm real busy. Let's make it quick. Not mean, but terse. You're still willing to talk to this person, but you're not thrilled with their actions.
275 0059F1D0 0059F1DC Don't have too much fun out there.
276 0059F1D1 0059F1DE Heard a rumor some other bar opened up down by Flatwoods: "The Wayward." Sharing gossip.
277 Drinks are supposed to be awful and I don't think they even serve chems. What's the point? You're not impressed by this other bar.
278 0059F1DF You looking to hurt something? There's a robotic cop down in Watoga that apparently pays real caps for giving "squatters" an eviction from this mortal coil. Sharing gossip.
279 0059F1E0 Couple of bleeding-hearts rolled through here the other day, looking for recruits to help clean up one of the nearby lakes. Sharing gossip.
280 You can imagine how well that went. I actually think that might be them on the hooks up there. Genuinely amused by their deaths.
281 0059F1E1 Visited Hemlock Holes yet? Someone was saying they got the best meal of their life up there. Sharing gossip.
282 I'm pretty sure they weren't talking about cannibalism, but these days, you really can't know, can ya? Genuine. Cannibalism comes up these days. Regularly.
283 0059F1E2 The Southern Belle Motel over in Berkeley Springs is supposed to be a blast. Literally. Bomb-squad bot set up shop there. Sharing gossip.
284 If you don't have a major attachment to your digits, I say go check it out.
285 0059F1E3 Big game hunting your speed? One of the scouts found a terminal over in The Mire that sniffs 'em out, apparently. Sharing gossip.
286 Can test your mettle against something no loving God would create.
291 0059F1E6 If you're bored, I guess you could wander over to Foundation. Then you can see what real boredom looks like. Sharing gossip. Disdainful. Foundation objectively sucks.
295 0059F1D3 0059F1D5 Process of elimination. There were three of us in the inebriation business when we first set up - me, Pretty Pete, and Lex. Telling a story.
296 Pete poured, Lex slung chems. But Appalachia ... seems it was just too much for them. Lex tragically OD'ed on her own stash not long after we arrived. Coy. You murdered both of them.
297 Pete was so distraught, he got wasted and wandered right into one of those big bat fissures. You helped Pete get so hammered, he wandering into this pit.
298 Now, I don't touch the stuff. My own little sacrifice. A reminder of the ones it took to get me my monopoly. Again, very coy. "I don't touch the stuff" referring to drugs. Add a little bit of threat to the last line. Should be a "no one fucks me with" line.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
7 0042E344 0042E396 If I fell for that every time, I wouldn't have a business, would I? Now get outta here.
8 0042E397 Sounds like you need to take your promises to someone willing to listen. No caps, no business, and that's the way it is.
9 0042E398 You want to sucker someone, try Raf or Ae-Ri, but I ain't got time for this. You get the caps, you come see me.
10 0042E345 0042E39F Anything I got's gonna cost you, and I happen to know you're broke, so good luck.
11 0042E3A0 That so? Well, nothing's for free here. You know the drill.
12 0042E3A1 You got the caps, I got anything you want... but we both know you're dead broke.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
14 00535E56 0056DD0E Hey, look who we got here. What's good with you? Friendly enough. The player's the new person in town, and Molly suspects they want something.
15 0056DD0F Hey, it's the jackass who tried to intimidate me. My deal still stands. The player tried threatening her, but she's still willing to deal with them.
16 0056DD10 Ready to talk? I still have those expenses to worry about, though. The player sweet-talked her and she's still willing to deal with them.
17 0056DD11 Now that I don't need to worry about money, I'm free to talk. What do you need to know? The player paid her bribe and she's willing to talk.
192 0053C19F 0056DD05 You're too kind. So, what was it you needed to know?
193 0056DD06 Then I don't think I got anything to say right now. The player doesn't have enough caps to bribe her.
211 0053C1B0 0053C1D4 Now that I think of it, I haven't seen him, Fisher, Surge, or a buncha others either. Just realizing something bigger is wrong.
212 Guns and other supplies've gone missing too. I think we got ourselves some defectors.
235 0056DCC4 0056DCFF Cool your horses, my info's good. You'll see, then you'll be back to thank me.
236 0056DCC6 0056DD1B Anytime, kid.
237 0056DCC8 0056DD03 They were talking about it outside my bar. Thought I couldn't hear' 'em, but I got wicked good hearing.
238 Couldn't make out where he said he was going, but Barb'll know for sure. You tell Barb I overheard, and she'll have no choice but to confess.
239 0056DCC9 0056DCF8 OK, hope you don't expect me to give you back your caps, though. That's not how this works.
240 Feel free to come on back if you change your mind, and we'll talk.
241 0056DCCB 0056DD09 That's the million cap question ain't it? Guy makes a mess of things, then skips town with a bunch of other traitors.
242 Now, of course, everyone wants a piece of him.
243 But if I'm bein' honest with ya, I'd tell you if I knew where he was. Cross my heart. But here's the rub, I don't. Brief pause after "here's the rub." Emphasis on "I don't"
244 But I do know that Barb is acting as his mole.
245 0056DCCD 0056DCFC Oh, is that what you're here for? Shit, I could have asked for a lot more, then. She realizes that Meg has outplayed her by sending the player to get the information she needed.
246 That's probably why Meg sent you -- She just laughed at the price I gave her. Well, I already gave you my word. Lesson learned.
247 Anyway, you want Barb. Lev left her behind to act as his mole and report back to him.
248 0056DCCF 0056DD12 All that for nothing? Tsk, good luck then. You know where I work if you need me. Disappointed that the player backed out of the deal.
249 0056DCD3 0056DD0B Your loss. I'll still be here if you end up needing anything. The player chose not to bribe her.
250 0056DCD5 0056DD16 Well then, I guess my problems are solved. Now I can help with yours. What do you need to know?
251 0056DD17 That's too bad, huh? Well, you know where to find me if you still want to help me out. The player doesn't have enough money to pay her bribe.
252 0056DD18 Imagine that. Maybe next time I'd have fewer expenses if jerks weren't coming to threaten me. So, what do you need to know?
253 0056DD19 Oof, tough break. Well, I'll still be here if you happen to find a way to help me out. The player doesn't have enough money to pay her bribe.
254 0056DCD7 0056DD00 I can't pay for goods with promises, but you know what? I'm havin' a good week. Sales are up. I might only need 200 caps to make ends meet. Implying that she'd take a lower bribe
255 0056DD01 I shouldn't trust someone who throws around idle threats. But hey, you got guts and sales have been good. Maybe I only need 300 caps this week. Implying that she'd take a lower bribe
256 0056DCD9 0056DCF6 Oh wicked smart move, kid. Threaten the bartender, the one person everyone loves around here for getting 'em all nice and sloshed. She's not fazed by the player's threat at all, since she knows everyone will come to her aid.
257 But you know what? You're new here, so tell ya what. I got a lot of expenses. Cost me about 500 caps a week. Implying that she'll take a bribe, and since the player threatened her, that price is higher.
258 I'd have a lot of time to chat with you if I didn't have to worry about where that was gonna come from. Implying that she'll take a bribe
259 0056DCDB 0056DD04 I might. I got lots of information. I also got lots of expenses. They cost me around 300 caps a week, know what I'm saying? Implying that she'll take a bribe.