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Molded plastic is a junk item in Fallout 76.


Plastic is a component commonly used in the crafting and modification of energy weapons, as well as converting certain junk into bulk form to lower its weight and make said junk sellable to vendors.


Miscellaneous objects (see below)
Icon range
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Molded plastic (varies)
Item Base Value Yield* Weight Yield/W*
Anti freeze bottle
Cafeteria tray
Cigarette carton
Coffee pot (Fallout 4)
Empty coolant
Enamel bucket
Golf ball (Fallout 76)
Luxobrew coffee pot
Nuka-Cola cup and straw
Nuka-Cola cup pack
Pack of cigarettes (Fallout 4)
Plastic bowl
Plastic knife
Plastic fork
Plastic plate
Plastic pumpkin
Plastic spoon
Suprathaw antifreeze


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