It's like a brahmin drive gone wrong. Supposed to be a gate north, but you come here, you get caught in the pen. Better to head back home.Rose of Sharon Cassidy

NCR Ranger Outpost Mojave, usually referred to as just the Mojave Outpost, is the gateway to the Mojave Wasteland and the first stop for caravans traveling from the core lands of the New California Republic to New Vegas and beyond. It is also a military hub for all operations in the southwestern Mojave, all of which make it a major location in Fallout: New Vegas.


Located at Mountain Pass, California the enormous Unification Monument is its most visible and distinctive feature, commemorating the historic merging of the local Desert Rangers and the NCR Rangers in 2271.

Established before the Great War, this highway checkpoint served travelers entering the long stretch of I-15 traveling to or from the solid desert between Barstow and New Vegas and beyond. Ruined vehicles stuck at the checkpoint when the bombs hit still litter the road leading into California. It lay abandoned for over a century after the Great War, eventually becoming a natural boundary for the territory controlled by the Desert Rangers of Nevada.

After the rangers realized they could not protect the Mojave alone, especially not against the Legion, the checkpoint became a historic site as the Desert Rangers of Nevada and the New California Republic Rangers signed the Ranger Unification Treaty in 2271. The two forces merged into one, in exchange for NCR extending its jurisdiction to southern Nevada, New Vegas and the Hoover Dam.[1][2]

The outpost was established the following year under the NCR Rangers' jurisdiction, serving as a vital link between the Mojave and the core lands of the republic. A pair of statues depicting the rangers was erected at the edge of the outpost, memorializing the treaty, though many interpret it as a demonstration of the republic's might to the lands beyond the outpost. Regardless of the intent, the statues remain a useful landmark for navigating the desert, lit up at night and easily visible in the distance to those who pass through the Ivanpah Valley.[2]

Apart from clearing caravans coming in from Barstow, the outpost acts as an administrative hub and command center for the southeastern Mojave, responsible for protecting the stretch of the I-15 south of Primm and Highway 95 up to sectors protected by Camp Searchlight.[3] Soldiers posted here act as border guards, ensuring the safety of caravans moving up the highways into Nevada. While not the most prestigious postings, they are a lot safer than being posted to the frontline along the Colorado River.[4]

However, the army command took this safety for granted, siphoning soldiers off for frontline duties. When the NCRCF prison break occurred in 2281, the outpost was forced to establish a permanent outpost at Primm, stretching its garrison to its limits and lapsing in the ability to patrol the highway and ensure its security,[5] as regulations require the outpost to maintain a certain minimal headcount.[6] As a result, as Jackals, wildlife and other threats start to take over the highways, caravans are slowly backing up at the outpost waiting for the roads to clear or their clearance papers to come through. Until then, everyone's stuck in a holding pattern, drinking away their sorrows.[7] The merchants are particularly irate, as the stagnation means they cannot sell their wares, while having to spend what little caps they have to feed their brahmin and caravan hands.[8]

The soldiers themselves are particularly worried about Legion pushing in through the southern Mojave. The loss of Nipton after Searchlight would open up a direct attack route to the outpost, which is also a fallback position for all NCR forces in the Mojave and the gateway to the republic.[9]


The outpost consists of two buildings on a hill saddle, one of which is the administrative area (HQ), the other being the barracks. Ranger Ghost, an NCR sniper, is posted on top of the barracks building. She offers the Keep Your Eyes on the Prize quest. There is a fence enclosing the two buildings on all sides and several piles of sandbags for defense.

The roadway in front of the buildings and fences is part of what was once a highway checkpoint station. The northern end of the valley is overshadowed by two large statues and the southern is enclosed by rock walls. Sgt. Kilborn can be found patrolling the road leading to the outpost, and a single traveling merchant moves between the outpost and the Nevada State Route 164 junction down the hill each day.

The gate to the southwest continues along the I-15 but it is locked and requires a key to open. A few remnants of structures and a few power lines can be found, complete with collision data. If the NCR is targeted in The Apocalypse quest during Lonesome Road, the gate will become unlocked and leads to Long 15.


Upon entering the headquarters of the building for the first time, the Courier will be greeted by Major Knight, who can repair items to 100% in addition to his possible role in the My Kind of Town questline. Ranger Jackson can usually be found in one of the building's rear rooms. He offers the Can You Find it in Your Heart? quest in addition to figuring in Heartache by the Number.


Lacey tends the bar in the barracks and offers a variety of goods for sale as well as games of Caravan. A copy of Duck and Cover is found under the counter, which can be purchased from her or stolen.

Rose of Sharon Cassidy, also known as Cass, sits at the bar drowning her sorrows with whiskey. Cass can eventually be recruited as a companion, once the player character begins the You Can Depend on Me questline.



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  • The Courier can talk to Major Knight inside the headquarters and can convince him to repair anything for free. This only works for male player characters with the Confirmed Bachelor perk. This will only work the first time the repair screen appears, and Knight's repair skill will be temporarily equal to that of the Courier.
  • Unlocking the gate at the south end, by using console commands will reveal an invisible wall, but no-clipping past this wall will allow you to venture deeper into this area. If the Courier continues straight ahead, they will eventually reach a cliff that leads to an infinite, irradiated ocean.
  • If the Courier chooses to attack the NCR at the end of the add-on Lonesome Road, a mushroom cloud can be seen in its vicinity, although the outpost remains unchanged and not irradiated.
  • Many NPCs, after their quests are completed, may walk to the Mojave Outpost and disappear at the west gate. Cass will do this if she quits being a follower of the Courier.
  • Like Camp Golf, the Mojave Outpost was formerly on the front lines and could return to that status if things go badly for the NCR in the Mojave, as Major Knight remarks if asked about him being stationed there.


The Mojave Outpost appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Mojave Outpost is located in the same geographical area as the real world Mountain Pass, California, situated along I-15 between the Clark and Mescal mountain ranges.


  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Occasionally, when fast traveling to the Mojave Outpost, there will be one to three giant radscorpions or giant worker ants inside the encampment area. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc Xbox 360Icon xbox360 If Ranger Ghost is missing from the roof, she can sometimes be found to the right of the headquarters building door around the corner. She still comments that she could hear the Courier coming up the ramp. [verified]
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 Sometimes NPCs will be walking in place or standing on top of desks in the HQ. Leaving and returning to the cell sometimes solves this problem. [verified]
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 Golden geckos may spawn if the Courier fast travels to the outpost. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 A deathclaw may spawn behind the main building when fast traveling to the Outpost. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Eventually, one of the NCR troopers will drink one of the Nuka-Cola Quartz and since it gives low-light vision, the Courier will also be given low-light Vision until you exit the building. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 NCR troopers sometimes perform as though they are typing on a typewriter/computer while seated in the headquarters even though there is no keyboard present. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc When trading with Lacey, the game tends to crash. [verified]



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