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As far as you can tell, it appears to be an invitation to the Midnight Science Fiction Feature! at the Mojave Drive-In (please arrive early to catch the trailers).

The Mojave Drive-in is a location in the Mojave Wasteland.


When approaching from Nipton, a Jackal gang leader and several Jackal members may be found near the screen, and various mole rats may spawn at the location's outskirts. The location is directly south-west of Nipton, and the ruins may easily be mistaken as an extension of the town from a distance.

With the Old World Blues add-on installed, in the center of this area is a crashed satellite with an American flag on it. At midnight, the crashed satellite will begin a display on the drive-in screen at which time the Courier may activate the Old World Blues add-on.

A closed train tunnel is located almost due south of the Mojave Drive-in. The platform area has a single lottery ticket on the ground in front of the maintenance door, though the door itself is boarded up and inaccessible.



The Mojave Drive-in appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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