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This is a transcript for dialogue with Mochou.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
16 004058F9 0058570B Thank you for sparing my life.
20 0059C266 I don't want any trouble. I'm here against my will.
21 0059D51D I never expected to be able to be reunited with Jen, my treasure. I'm still very worried, but thank you for your part in this. sincere, trying to keep her emotions in check though
23 0059D51F I don't have anything more to say to you.
137 00583E45 00583E89 I'll have to go into hiding and destroy the suit. They're tracking it.
138 We might be able to shield the signal from the suit once or twice, but are you willing to give it up after using it? We don't have much time to decide.
147 00583E56 00584870 If I give you what I have, they'll come for me. Maybe not tomorrow, but eventually. So you may as well be the one who killed me.
148 00583E57 00583E7D No. I don't have anything else to say, and you won't listen anyway.
149 00583E58 00583E8E They would have come for me, if I didn't come back. You have to understand that. I was--I am sorry.
150 I didn't know that you'd be all alone. I just knew you wouldn't be dead.
151 00583E59 00583E91 Oh. Uh... Yeah. I hope so. another way to resolve the situation with your mom
152 00583E5A 00583E80 I did it to protect you. You can't possibly understand the consequences of disobedience, what I sacrificed. You'll never have it as hard as I had it.
153 Do you want an apology? Fine, I am sorry. Sorry that you are such a selfish and thoughtless child.
154 00583E5B 00583E92 Why'd you do it? Why'd you leave? Did you know that dad died the very next winter? Did you know that I'd be all alone out there? hurt, accusing
173 00583E70 00583E85 Jen! Why would you come here, you foolish child? You need to leave! bewildered to see her daughter, but angry and worried
174 00583E72 00583E86 Don't-I don't want a fight! Surrendering, but you're mad about it
177 00590A26 00590A37 If I give you this suit then they'll come for you... and they'll find me. Maybe not tomorrow, but eventually. They will kill me for it.
178 I don't care if I die, I may as well already be dead. But they will also kill Jen, and I can't risk that.
181 00590A29 00590A36 They would have come for me, if I didn't come back. You have to understand that. I was-I am sorry. Parent apologizing to an unreasonable child, trying to be genuine though
182 I should have explained things to you before, but you were so young. I didn't think you'd be able to understand why I had to go.
183 The way I was raised was wrong, unquestioning loyalty was all I was allowed. I treated you the same way. I'm so very sorry that I wasn't able to be better than that.
184 But if I have to die here to protect you from them, then I will. I will always stand up for you, qianjin. Being brave for your child. qian1jin1 term of endearment like precious basically
189 00590A2F 00590A3F My friend can and will hurt you. I'm trying to understand why you've done these things. Don't make us resort to violence to get those answers! genuine warning to your deadbeat mom
192 00590A31 0059C269 This is a listening post. Our mission is complicated to explain... unless you know what's going on next door. I will tell you more later, if you let me live.
193 0059C26A Orders, and a lifetime of being shaped to think and be what they wanted. I didn't question it because I didn't know there were other ways to be, to think.
194 We were lied to, but people here were also lied to. Once I could see the puppeteers, I wanted nothing to do with any of it. I fled.
195 0059C26B Yes. I was trained from childhood to do this job. It's all I knew, I never chose any of this. It was either follow orders or die.
196 0059C24D 0059C268 Yes, I can see why that would be confusing. Not all of us have the luxury of choice. They threatened to kill my family if I didn't work for them. unapologetic, matter of fact
197 From what I have overheard on these listening devices, you are working with my daughter. She's on her way here, right now. serious
198 I didn't want her to have to witness the inevitable, but here we are.
199 0059C24F 0059C262 Death smiles at us all. All we can do is smile back. stoic, unconcerned
200 0059C251 0059C26C This ends the same either way. She shouldn't be long now, based on the proximity warnings on that console. stoic, unamused
201 0059C253 0059C263 If you don't want to speak, then don't speak. duh
202 0059C257 0059C264 I did! They tracked me down with tracers in my gear, years later. I thought everything was all over, that the governments were all gone, that I was free.
203 If I had known, I would have thrown it all away and just hoped for the best. I thought holding on to it would save my life, but I was wrong. So wrong.
204 0059C25D 0059C261 Fine.
205 0059C25F 0059C267 So then ask them. stoic
207 0059CA7B 0059CA7C Another pre-war asset, very loyal to the cause. They only come here occasionally to check up on us... but trust me, you don't ever want to meet them. uncomfortable even talking about them


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
61 00570D5E 00585727 Long time, no see.
62 00585728 How are you doing these days?
63 00585729 Hello.
64 0058572A I am so glad you helped my daughter and I come together again.
65 0058572B It is good to see you. I hope you are well.