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Mists of Autumn Acres is a paper note in Fallout 76.


The note can be found on a desk at the Autumn Acre cabin.


Mists of Autumn Acres

a novel by G. D. Blorwood

The Autumn mist swirled over the mountains like a thick swirling mist. Baron von Herbst surveyed the Autumn land with the decidedly un-mist like composure of a man more powerful than any other. Intelligent, strong, and liked by all, the baron remained as humble, or perhaps even morre humble

The Baron's only admission of his superior ability showed in his quick wit and sharp tounged misives to his lazy and incompetant administrators, with their mist filled minds. Ever attempting to ruin is great works with their so called edits.

Baron von Herbst surveyed his lands as the morning mist settled into the misty low parts of

The Baron

Baron von Herbst was an idiot and would never have his novel published