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The Mistress of Mystery (Claudia Martin) is a fictional character created by Hubris Comics who appears in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. Within the series fiction, she is portrayed by Shannon Rivers (voicework), who was planned to be replaced by Claire Redelle for the 2077 television series.


Born Claudia Martin, her young life was torn apart when her parents, a couple of American archaeologists, vanished while investigating the Lost Pyramid of Amun-Re. Orphaned and alone, Claudia was forced to survive by her wits on the streets of the Egyptian city of Cairo. She was eventually adopted by a wealthy heiress, and on her eighteenth birthday, Claudia came into possession of her parents' effects. She then decided to set out to learn the truth behind their disappearance, delving into a web of ancient legends, occult societies, and dark intrigue.[1]

The Mistress is a confident, quick-thinking, and capable hero. Instead of superhuman or mystical powers, she relies on her skill, training, cunning, stealth and subterfuge to overcome her foes. She also tends to speak in alliteration. Although she often operates alone, the Mistress has appeared alongside many of Hubris Comics' other heroes over the course of her career, including the Silver Shroud, her longtime friend and former love interest; the Inspector, her partner in the Mysterium! mystery serials; and the rest of Hubris' greatest heroes on the team of the Unstoppables![1]

The Mistress of Mystery is one of the longest-running and most popular superhero characters in the Hubris Comics universe. She first appeared in Hubris Heroes! #8, published in 2039, and was since featured in hundreds of comic books, radio broadcasts, and other properties and licenses, which included a weekly newspaper strip (from 2052 to 2057), five novels, and several lines of action figures. In August 2077, it was announced she would also have a major role in the upcoming live-action television show of the Silver Shroud, her first appearance on the screen.[1]

The Mistress has been drawn by over thirty artists, such as Tara Winters, Kelly Donovan and Lucille Perkins. Her most iconic radio voice actor was Shannon Rivers,[1] who was also poised to portray the hero on the Silver Shroud TV series. Producer Aaron Babowski replaced Shannon with Claire Redelle, but the Great War prevented filming. In addition, a Mistress of Mystery television show was in production, also cut short by the Great War.[2] Shannon and her husband Frederick survived the war and founded the Order of Mysteries based on the ideals of the fictional hero. The Order members were herself, her daughter, and many orphaned girls. They each wore and used recreations of the hero's equipment developed by Shannon's husband.

Regalia of Mystery[]

The Mistress of Mystery is an accomplished unarmed fighter, mostly relying on kicks. In addition to her skills and training, she drew upon an arsenal of powerful tools to aid her in her work.[3]


The Mistress of Mystery is mentioned in Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Fallout: The Roleplaying Game and Fallout Shelter Online.