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That's hardly Marquess of Queensberry rules, now is it?

Mister Handy (stylized as Mr. Handy) is a multipurpose robot developed by General Atomics International before the Great War and refined in collaboration with RobCo Industries.[1] It was an incredibly popular model, used by government agencies, private companies, and individual citizens across the United States.


The first Mister Handy was introduced to the robotics market in 2037 by General Atomics International, as a general-purpose construction and maintenance unit. Used widely on both the American and Mexican markets (especially after the Mexico City earthquake of 2042), it was a rugged, reliable design. So reliable that it only received one major hardware update in 2039, to eliminate a bug causing interference in the operation of the multiple arms. The Calpower 238B nuclear power unit and self-maintenance modes were key to its success, ensuring each robot's longevity. To minimize maintenance overhead, each Mr. Handy was designed to perform its nuclear fuel replacement and radiation cleansing. Each unit could carry out maintenance and repairs on other units (it could not carry it out on itself).[2]

However, as rugged and reliable as the original Mr. Handy was, it was still a design rooted in the technology of the 2030s, with a compact computer brain that was incapable of learning or executing complex tasks without extensive programming. By the 2070s, it was an automaton surrounded by more advanced designs utilizing cutting edge neural networks. In order to maintain their market share, General Atomics entered into a joint venture with RobCo Industries, combining its talent with General Atomics' experience in robotics.[2][3][4] The resulting model was a sleek, elegant design capable of self-programming and initiative, more than making up for halving the number of arms to just three. Despite its sophistication, it was also cost-effective, making it the perfect domestic servant robot.[5][6] The success of this model resulted in the development of several additional models, including dedicated medical and military versions.[7] Sometime before the Great War, General Atomics International and RobCo wanted to upgrade their Mister Handy line by adding an additional hand alongside additional features.[8][9]


GAI modelEdit

Fo Mr Handy Render
Gameplay articles: Fallout, Fallout 2

The original General Atomics International Mr. Handy has a distinct, lumbering appearance with easily identifiable sub-assemblies. The barrel-like main body contains the Calpower 238B nuclear power unit (200 KW output with two year endurance; comparable to a truck engine) and eight rechargeable energy cells with a 270,000 KWS output, together with an integral mechanic toolset and the computer brain. The fully rotating head mounted on top houses the single eye and sensors, together with a spotlight and basic communicator with a cheap voice synthesizer, short range radio, and communications jack. The two pods mounted on the sides of the main body each contain a 200 KW vectored-thrust ducted fan with ground-effect (GEV) skirts that allow the Mr. Handy to hover in the air. Finally, each of the six arms mounted below the main body is strong enough to lift heavy loads, while retaining superior flexibility and coordination that allows the Mr. Handy to use all of them in any configuration with a negligible loss of performance. Each is actuated by motors contained within and contains nimble manipulators capable of tasks ranging from walking the dog[10] to operating heavy weapons such as miniguns, flamers, and plasma casters.[11] The entire robot weighs 450 kgs (~900 pounds), giving it an excellent power to weight ratio.[2][12]

Although the robot's performance was hampered by its simple, computer brain, a large number of units remained in service as late as 2077, 40 years after it entered the market. Although vulnerable to logic circuit failures, particularly in hazardous environments or without maintenance,[13] it was used in both corporate and military settings, including locations like the demonstration Vault, Mariposa Military Base, and Poseidon Oil Reactor № 5. Even the Enclave used a number of Mr. Handy units in conjunction with their Vertibird teams, usually for cargo hauling. It's a testament to GAI's design that one unit survived a crash-landing near Klamath Falls relatively intact.[14]

Gametitle-JES Although normal Mr. Handy models of this type were heavily vulnerable to electromagnetic pulse damage, a specialized model of Mr. Handy known as the Mr. Handy NBS (Nuclear Blast Site), was equipped with vacuum tubes to prevent EMP damage, at the cost of being slower, yet tougher, as a result.[15]

GAI/RobCo modelEdit

Mister Handy

Codsworth model

Appearing only a few years after the original General Atomics prototype models,[16] the next-generation Mister Handy is a radical departure from that of its ancestor, in keeping with its intended role as a domestic servant, rather than heavy-duty construction robot.[17] However, the Mr. Handy is used for general maintenance and construction; its many hands come equipped with buzz saws, flamethrowers, and other construction tools that can easily serve as weapons. It is an extremely compact design: The spherical main body houses not just the nuclear[18] power unit, but also the single centrally-mounted jet thruster with a ground-effect skirt allowing it to hover, and a highly sophisticated neural network mimicking the functionality of a human brain. The compact brain of the Mr. Handy is easily one of its most stunning features, theoretically capable of achieving true artificial intelligence.[19] Special limiters are included in neural pathways responsible for learning to prevent such an occurrence. Behavior limiters act as a failsafe in case a Mister Handy or one of its derivatives gain knowledge beyond the scope of its programming.[20][21] In cases where the former are removed, but not the latter, the affected unit effectively becomes a slave[22] or is forced to execute its duties until it can circumvent its programming.[23]

Its sub-assemblies include three arms and three eyes. The former are segmented and highly flexible. Their modular design allows them to accept a variety of manipulators, from a simple pincer, through a titanium saw and laser cutter,[1] to military-grade weapons such as a plasma blaster or a flamethrower.[24] Their only limitation is the fact that they cannot lift objects heavier than 18 kg (40 lbs).[25] Eyes are mounted on flexible eye stalks,[26] giving it excellent spatial awareness and a nearly 360 degree field of view. They are completed by a sophisticated sensor package, including olfactory,[27][28] navigational,[29] chemical,[30] and nuclear sensors.[31] Other features of the robot line include the ability to perform performing self-diagnostic and self-maintenance, allowing a single unit to function for an extended period of time (even two centuries in some cases),[32] and a water condensator for preparing canisters of purified water.[33]

The new model was marketed as a domestic servant first and foremost, capable of handling almost every task in the household, from accounting and cooking to pet care and entertainment (although GAI discouraged using its hover jet as a barbeque fire).[25] However, its sophisticated neural network and agile, light design made it an excellent choice for a variety of private and military entities. The basic Mister Handy was also employed as a security robot,[34] with specialized variants available. These included medical models like the Miss Nanny[35] and Mister Orderly, as well as the combat version, Mister Gutsy.[36]


Mister FarmhandEdit

FO76 Mr Farmhand

The Mister Farmhands are, more or less, a standard Mister Handy model with a pale green paint job, with some variants being a dark brown. They are typically encountered on the roads from Vault 76 to Flatwoods, among other various areas in The Forest region. They can also be found, as their names might suggest, at a few local farms. The Mister Farmhands are typically adorned with straw or other cloth hats.

Mister GutsyEdit


A dedicated combat variant, developed by General Atomics International.[37] It was commissioned by the United States Army shortly before the atomic apocalypse of 2077,[38] with the first units seeing service in the liberation of Anchorage in January.[39] The Mr. Gutsy is a personal protection automaton, and comes equipped with heavier armor than most utility robots. It also carries a plasma weapon to be used in defense. The shell was rebuilt with lightweight armor plating, while the usual array of tools was upgraded with a plasma caster on a flexible mount. The key advantage of Mister Gutsies that separates it from other combat robots is its sheer maneuverability and spatial awareness.[40][41] The Mister Gutsy is also upgraded with dedicated military software, including the ability to refuse orders issued by commanders who are incompetent or under court-martial,[42][43] remote link-up capability for updating orders in real time,[44] and a brand-new Sergeant Major v.1.0 simulated personality that channeled the stereotypical Marine drill instructor and doubled as a vessel for state propaganda.[45]

However, in its rush to present the Army with a working model, General Atomics cut corners and the resulting personality had issues stemming from vague definitions used in programming its neural network.[46] The most notable of these was the fact that in the absence of orders, units defaulted to a patrol mode and attacked all unauthorized personnel with extreme violence, as per combat protocol Charlie Zulu 4.[47] The military accepted these flaws, pressing them into service. They first bore MGZ-##### serials, before transitioning to the standard ABC-##### nomenclature.[48] To distinguish between different variants of the robot, ranks were used: The baseline version was named Mister, with subsequent variants designated Sergeant, Lieutenant, Major, and Colonel.[49] A specialized field medic model was derived from the basic Mister Gutsy, with all combat functionality disabled[50] and an encyclopedic knowledge of medical procedures, particularly surgery.[51]

Miss NannyEdit

FO4 Miss Nanny loading screen

A Miss Nanny

Miss Nanny is a new model launched by General Atomics International shortly before the Great War,[52] they were also a utility bot designed to care for and raise newborns; these were incredibly useful in the vaults as there were many children in need of care after the war. It's considered a female equivalent of the Mister Handy, due to its feminine voice and the use of a Handy shell, still bearing the brand logo.[53][54] Its design focuses on caretaking tasks, intended for parents of children of all ages. The specialized programming of a Miss Nanny includes disciplinary and behavioral management skills (with an optional corporal punishment mode that had to be manually turned on by parents), vocal tonality analysis routines allowing it to interpret the needs of its charges (even infants), and hazard detection matrices for childproofing rooms.[55] However, the complexity of its neural network and programming made it a natural candidate for other related tasks, such as medical research. At least one Miss Nanny was modified in this way: Curie. By combining it with custom software and RobCo expertise, it was intended to act as the steward and archivist of Vault 81.[56]

Mister OrderlyEdit


A distinct medical variant created for use in Big MT medical facilities. It is equipped with all the standard features of the Mister Handy line and modifications necessary for use in medical research carried out at the Y-17 medical facility. Its shell is covered in durable white paint with red trim, while mechanics (such as the hover jet, servos, and pincers) were covered in a protective blue finish, protecting it against corrosion from materials routinely handed in the facility.[57]

"Mister Torturer"Edit

Secretly developed by RobCo for an unnamed United States agency, this type of Mister Handy was still in the prototyping phase up until the Great War. While work was still underway on this future model, information on its existence was leaked which prompted RobCo administrators to scold employees and deny the existence of Mister Torturers. RobCo further upheld that the United States in and of itself could not participate in torture; only improved interrogation.[58]

Notable unitsEdit

GAI ModelEdit


Notable quotesEdit


The Type-II Mister Handy appears in Fallout and Fallout 2. They were also to appear in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios. The Type-I Mister Handy appears in Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter. Mister Handy is also mentioned in Fallout Tactics.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mister Handy's voice in Fallout: New Vegas has an additional robotic effect.



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