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This page is about the teddy bear. For other characters named Cuddles, see Cuddles.
Mister Cuddles is my teddy. I lost him and I don't remember where.Lindsay

Mister Cuddles is a quest item in Fallout: New Vegas.


When visiting Nellis Air Force Base, a Mini Boomer will approach the Courier and ask for help. Lindsay has lost her teddy bear, Mister Cuddles, and will ask the player character for assistance in finding it. Accepting this will start the unmarked quest Bear Necessities.


Mister Cuddles is located in the south hangar where the B-29 is being rebuilt. It is the same location that Loyal and Jack are usually found. In the middle of the hanger, there are several green crates stacked up in a haphazard way. Mister Cuddles is located amongst these crates on the ground. The Courier can then return to Lindsey with the bear, gaining Fame with the Boomers.

Conversely, with a 60 Speech check, the player character can lie and tell Lindsay that Mister Cuddles is dead. She will run away crying, resulting in Boomer Infamy as well as bad Karma.

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PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 After giving Mister Cuddles to Lindsay, she will still ask the Courier if they have found him. [verified]


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