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Join the fun at Camden Park as a member of Mr. Fuzzy's crew

Daily: Mistaken Identity is a daily quest in Fallout 76. Although it is classified as a daily quest, it can only be completed once per character.

Quick walkthrough

Daily Quest: Mistaken Identity
Talk to the Camden Park security Protectron.
Take and equip the Camden Park uniform.
Clock in at the green switch.
Complete The Chow Line, Lucky Mucker, and Dross Toss.
Report to the Boss to complete the shift.
Reward: 20 Pre-War money, random ammo, random weapon, 70 caps, 400 XP

Detailed walkthrough

This one-off daily quest, started upon visiting Camden Park for the first time, requires player characters to report for their "shift" at the amusement park by talking to the Camden Park security Protectron. Mistaking the Vault Dwellers of Vault 76 for employees of the park, the robot will tell them to don the Camden Park uniform (acquired from a locker in the employees' shack) before clocking in at a green switch. After doing so, the objective of the quest is to calibrate three attractions (see The Chow Line, Lucky Mucker, and Dross Toss for details). At the end of the shift, player characters simply need to report to the Boss. It will not be too pleased, but the player characters will, at least, have access to the Mr. Fuzzy token redemption machine, which offers:

Reward Token cost
Mr. Fuzzy pencil 5
10 paddle ball ammo 5
Cotton candy bites 5
Gum drops 5
Jumbo Mr. Fuzzy plush 20
Mr. Fuzzy mining helmet 20
Paddle ball 50
Camden Whacker 50
Super comic book 100
Mr. Fuzzy mascot suit 150
Mr. Fuzzy mascot head 300

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Go to Camden ParkThere's some kind of amusement area called Camden Park which claims to be the best place to have a good time. I could use some fun.
Go to the Camden Park Main EntranceThis place looks interesting. Some kind of amusement park. I think I see a roller coaster!
Report for your ShiftI've arrived at Camden Park and it looks like it was a great place in its heyday. The loudspeaker is making announcements so maybe something is going on.
Put on your UniformThe robot here has mistaken me for someone else and sent me into the employee area to get dressed. Apparently I'm late for my shift.
Clock in for your ShiftI look pretty good in this outfit if I do say so myself! Time to clock in and get to work.
Calibrate Mr. Fuzzy's Games: Complete the 3 daily quests: The Chow Line, Dross Toss, and Lucky Mucker.Apparently I need to "calibrate" some games. I hope I'm up for this.
Visit the Company Store
Talk to the BossI played all of the games and I guess they're calibrated now. Now I'm supposed to go see the boss. This should be interesting.
The boss wasn't very happy with me but I have tokens and now I know where to spend them.

Behind the scenes

The timeclock heard during this quest was voiced by Chris Anthony Lansdowne, who also voiced the Boss.