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Mission 099-01 orders is a paper note in Fallout 76. It is written by Scribe Grant McNamara.


The note can be found in Fort Defiance, in a folder on a dresser in the bedroom next to the kitchen on the fourth floor during Heart of the Enemy. BoS archive: ARP background lies on the same desk.


Brotherhood of Steel
Fort Defiance, Appalachia
ORDERS 099-01

Strike Team is to infiltrate VTU and get to the Automated Research Lab (ARL). Team is to get ARL functioning by any means necessary.

Once the Mainframe is online upload ARP 001. Two members of the Team are to stay behind and secure the Lab. Viable Scorchbeast DNA samples will be sent after facility is online.

Infiltration and secrecy is paramount. Taggerdy orders no hostile contact with Responders. If fired upon, orders are to regroup at Thunder Mountain and await further orders.

Personal Note: Squire Montgomery's team never made it back. Be careful. Who knows what's waiting for you at VTU. If Montgomery got the ARL functional the passcode is:


Scribe Grant