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The missing camper holotape is a holotape in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update. An additional holotape was added for Nia in the update Invaders from Beyond.


The holotape can be listened to during the event Campfire Tales.


Layla's story

Layla McAdams: Um... hello? This story is about me. A Pioneer Scout. I wake up one night in the cabin and see that I'm alone. Everyone's beds are empty. My heart is pounding... but I know I have to go outside and look for everybody. I want to get up, but the shadows are reaching for me. They're... They're gonna attack me! Please help me fend them off!

I face my fears and burst out from under the covers, not stopping until I've made it outside. There, I see the warm glow of a campfire. My fellow Scouts are talking by the fire. I go to them and I... I try to warn them. It's not safe to be out this late. There's something out there. I know because it took my brother! He stayed out past dark one day and went missing. But my friends... they don't listen. I sit with them, to keep watch. We laugh, drink, and share secrets with each other long into the night.

As the night dwindles on, so does the fire. The Scouts pay no mind to the encroaching darkness. I try again to warn them that the dark is dangerous, but no one listens. So I go into the forest alone in search of firewood. I keep my eyes on the ground, and find enough wood to rekindle the fire. But when I turn around, there's no light to guide my way back to camp. I don't know if I've wandered too far, or if the campfire has gone out, drenching all the Scouts in darkness.

It was easy to slip away when the fire went out. Easier than I thought. Right about now the rest of the Scouts will be scared out of their minds, thinking I've fallen prey to some creature of the night. Well, maybe I will. Something's out there. And telling this story seems like the only way to prove it to them. The girl in the story? That's me. I wrote it and uploaded it to Penny myself. No one believes me about the monster, so I had to do something. Something got my brother Ronnie. Something got my Camp Counselor. And now... *branch cracks* What is that? Nia? No... No, it can't be! *screams*

Ronnie's story

Ronnie McAdams: I'm hunting bugs, I'm hunting bugs, out here in Appalachia there are spiders, ants, and slugs! Today, I'm going to complete my collection. Only 9 more hymenoptera to go. Layla told me to watch out for their stingers, but I can handle them. That's what my new Entomologist Badge is for! I'm hunting bugs, bugs of all kinds. Some come out at night, but they're cool at all times!

Nia's story

Nia: That's it. I'm going on an expedition. I have to hunt down whatever's been tormenting the kids for the past few months. Poor Layla... At first, I didn't believe her. About the darkness, the shadows, the monsters. Even when I started seeing irregularities in the stars. Now that Ronnie's gone missing, I can't turn a blind eye. I have a theory about what's out there, and I'm going to follow the night sky to my answer. It's far, and I've never been on an expedition alone... but I have to try. I'll find the cause of all this weirdness. For Layla. For Ronnie.