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Help Scribe Valdez locate missing Marcia.

Missing Persons is a main quest in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Reign update.

Quick walkthrough[]

Detailed walkthrough[]

Fort Atlas[]

Upon returning to Fort Atlas with the damaged Pip-Boy from the Uncanny Caverns, speaking with Scribe Valdez will both conclude the previous quest A Knight's Penance and start this one. Scribe Valdez is concerned about the whereabouts of Marcia, a civilian member of the Brotherhood who has not been seen for a while.

Valdez explains that Marcia was sent to Foundation to get some supplies, but several Brotherhood initiates returned saying they saw no sign of her there. She suggests talking to Marcia's younger brother Max. Speaking to Max, he voices his concern that something bad might have happened to her, as her goodbye to him was rather unusual. He then suggests speaking to her best friend, Initiate Ramirez.

Initiate Ramirez initially pretends to not know more than anyone else, but can be swayed by several means to share his knowledge about her plan to join a Raider war party; passing a Perception 4+ check results in calling him a liar and him coming forward about being worried about Marcia, threatening to report him to Knight Shin has the same effect, as does telling him that raiders are awesome (requires Raider reputation of at least Friendly.)

The Crater war room[]

Continue the investigation at the Crater, by going into the war room, where Marcia is found speaking with Pierce, whose reaction toward the Vault Dweller is dependant on their previous interactions during Property Rights. Passing a Perception 12+ check allows for noting that Sheena and Burke are missing from the war room, which leads Marcia to admit that they went to AMS corporate headquarters in Watoga. With the secret out, Pierce makes it clear that Marcia is not coming back to Fort Atlas, and instead has to look for Sheena and Burke. He also recommends that the Vault Dweller assists her with her task.

AMS corporate headquarters[]

Being left with little choice, head over to Watoga into AMS corporate headquarters. Head up the elevator to the main lobby of the building, where Marcia is found fighting a Hellcat mercenary. Once he is killed, speak with her, and she suggests heading up to the top floor of the building. Use the pneumatic tube to reach the third floor, where more Hellcat mercenaries and Protectrons need to be eliminated. Once done, enter one of the rooms marked with radiation warning signs to find a dove necklace, which Marcia recognizes as belonging to Burke. After responding either harsh or sympathetic to her, continue the search.

On one of the upper balconies, a raider corpse can be examined, and Marcia recognizes it as that of one of the raiders that were with Sheena and Burke, causing her anxiety about everyone she has lost in her life. She can be then be asked about who else she lost, and will reveal information about the incident that left her and her brother to be the only survivors, and led to them staying with the Brotherhood in the first place. She can then either be comforted, by saying that it is unsure if Sheena and Burke are dead, or disregarded, by saying that death is a reality of life in the wasteland.

Whatever the choice, Marcia will reply accordingly, and then continue onward. The next clue is a hastily written note near the security terminal. It is from Sheena, indicating she and Burke surrendered to avoid being overrun. This only steels Marcia's resolve about the Raiders being a family she wants to be a part of, though she still considers Max and Ramirez part of her family, and maybe join her sometime. Continuing towards the top floor looking for more clues, the door at the top is sealed, and can be unlocked by accessing the HELLCAT EYES ONLY entry on the nearby terminal. Once open, head to the top floor, and dispose of some more Hellcat mercenaries.

Their leader, Sergeant Kit is located in a nearby office, and opens the window in order to taunt both the Vault Dweller and Marcia. He will then unleash two waves, consisting of more Hellcat mercenaries, as well as security Protectrons from the nearby fabricator pods. After defeating both waves, Kit personally comes out to fight. He is wearing an almost complete set of Hellcat power armor, and a minigun, making him a tough boss to defeat. Once Kit is slain, loot his body for a note mentioning the Blue Ridge Caravan Company, and talk to Marcia about it, who suggests looking for more clues. A key to the basement of the building can be found on one of the desks, in the office from which Kit was shouting his taunts. Take it and use the pneumatic tube to return to the lobby, before using the key to unlock the door to the basement lab.

AMS basement lab[]

In the lab, kill the Hellcat mercenaries serving as guards, and find Sheena and Burke in the nearby cells, who are stunned to see Marcia with the Vault Dweller after what they pulled previously with the weapons cache. Burke can have their necklace returned to them, and the Vault Dweller can choose to either leave them in the cells to rot, or find some way to let them out. Use the nearby terminal to open the cells, and grab the holotape as well to complete the optional objective.

From there, the Vault Dweller has the difficult decision to either convince Marcia to return to Fort Atlas, or stay with the Crater Raiders. Asking her further about how her mother died reveals that she was part of a town that was supplied with weapons by the Brotherhood to defend against Raiders, but the Raiders got a hold of the weapons and slaughtered everyone. A Charisma 4+ check after this causes Marcia to admit that she was letting her anger and grief blind her to the truth. After that, the player has to decide whether Marcia will stay with Crater, or return to Fort Atlas. Suggesting Raiders will always immediately end the conversation and make her stay with them, although Marcia will only return to the Brotherhood if the Vault Dweller was kind and supportive, instead of telling her things like taking her mother's necklace would mean nothing, and that death is a reality in the wasteland. Being rude to Sheena and Burke will also encourage Marcia to not return.

  • (Brotherhood of Steel) If convinced to return to Fort Atlas, Sheena calls Marcia out on going back to the Brotherhood, but Marcia admits that she cannot leave Max alone with them, as the player and some of the other members, like Valdez and Ramirez, have convinced her that the Brotherhood is not as bad as she originally thought. She thanks Sheena and Burke for the time she spent with them, still considering them family, before telling the player that she will head back to the Fort as soon as possible.
  • (Raiders) Marcia thanks the Vault Dweller for seeing her perspective.

Upon returning to Fort Atlas, report in to Scribe Valdez of what happened with Marcia.

  • If Marcia was convinced to return to Fort Atlas, Valdez will be impressed to see she came back, and in better spirits as well.
  • If Marcia remains with the Raiders, Valdez says she didn't expect the Vault Dweller to fail and is sad Max won't be with his sister. She is concerned that Marcia will share information about the Brotherhood to the Raiders.

She will be shocked with what was collected from AMS Headquarters about ultracite on the human body, sympathetic to knowing that the Vault Dweller now knows more about what happened with Marcia and Max, the same incident that drove a rift between Rahmani and Shin, and concerned about the information with the Hellcat mercenaries and Blue Ridge Caravan Company. Valdez decides that Paladin Rahmani needs to know about this and requests speaking to her, completing the quest and starting the next one, Out of the Blue.

The rewards are 1,000 XP, 100 caps, a mercenary outfit, the plan for it, as well as a randomized selection of items, including a plan for a weapon or weapon mod.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Speak with Scribe ValdezScribe Valdez has mentioned that Marcia Leone has gone missing. I should check in with her and see if there's anything I can do to help.
Speak with MaxScribe Valdez has tasked me with finding Marcia, and suggested that I speak to her younger brother Max.
Speak to Initiate RamirezMax isn't sure where Marcia has gone, but suggested that I speak to her best friend, an Initiate named Luis Ramirez.
Retrieve Marcia from the RaidersInitiate Ramirez told me that Marcia left to join the Raider War Party in Crater. I need to try and get her to come back to Fort Atlas.
Meet Marcia at AMS HeadquartersI found Marcia in the Crater War Room in conversation with Pierce. It appears that she had offered up intel that led to Sheena and Burke going to AMS Headquarters, but they have yet to return. In order to get her to come back, I need to help find them at AMS.
Help Marcia defeat the MercenaryI found Marcia at AMS in combat with a mercenary from a group called the Hellcats. I need to try and find clues as to where Sheena and Burke are, and should expect resistance along the way from these Hellcats.
Find clues to where the Raiders areI found a necklace that belongs to Burke, which confirms that Sheena and Burke did make it to AMS. I should continue to look for more clues.
Find clues to where the Raiders areMarcia and I found the dead body of a Raider, who Marcia recognized as one of the Raiders that went along with Sheena and Burke. I feel like we're getting closer to their location, but need to continue searching for more clues.
Find clues to where the Raiders areThere was a note on the ground that Sheena dropped that says they surrendered. Hopefully this means that they're still alive. I still need to find out where they've been taken, though.
Find KitI found a locked door and managed to open it up with a nearby terminal. The terminal mentioned a leader of the Hellcats by the name of Kit. If I find him, I may find out the location of Sheena and Burke.
Search Kit's bodyI have found and killed Kit. I should search his body to see if there's anything that points towards the location of Sheena and Burke.
Speak to MarciaA note was on Kit's body from someone named "B". It mentions acquiring people from Blue Ridge Caravan Company, Raiders who have been captured, and holding cells at AMS Headquarters.
Look for the keyI found the key to a basement lab. That may be where Sheena and Burke are being held.
Kill the guardsI found some mercenaries in the basement of AMS. I should clear them out before I find Sheena and Burke.
Rescue the RaidersI've told the Raiders that I will help get them out. I need to find a key or some other way to open the cages.
(Optional) Retrieve the Research Notes holotape
Open the cagesI've released the Raiders from the cages. Now that Sheena and Burke have been rescued, I must talk with Marcia about either coming back to Fort Atlas or staying with the Raiders.
Leave the RaidersI decided to leave the Raiders in the cages. It's time to take Marcia back to Fort Atlas now.
Convince Marcia to stay with the RaidersI spoke with Marcia and told her that I think she should stay with the Raiders. I should report my findings at AMS and the location of Marcia to Scribe Valdez.
Convince Marcia to return to the Brotherhood of Steel (failed)Marcia refused to hear me out and is staying with the Raiders in Crater. I should report my findings and the location of Marcia to Scribe Valdez as soon as possible.
Convince Marcia to return to the Brotherhood of Steel (success)I spoke with Marcia and told her that I think she should come back to Fort Atlas. I should return to Fort Atlas and report my findings at AMS to Scribe Valdez.
Return to Scribe Valdez
Complete Quest

Behind the scenes[]

Quest designer Victoria McCreary was the product owner for this quest.[Non-game 1]