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For the Fallout 3 custom built weapon, see Rock-It Launcher.
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The missile launcher is a heavy weapon that fires a much larger projectile than a rocket launcher.


Missile launcherEdit


An uncommon heavy weapon used by super mutants, raiders and various other factions such as the Enclave and Talon Company.

Miss LauncherEdit

Gameplay articles: Fallout 3, Fallout Shelter

The Miss Launcher is a unique version of the above missile launcher model. It is more comparable to a grenade launcher than a rocket launcher, as it has an arcing flight similar to the Fat Man. Standard missiles fired from this weapon do not fly; instead, the missile-tube itself has been converted to propel them pneumatically. In doing so both the missile's explosive warhead and unused solid rocket fuel are free to detonate together, increasing the missile's explosive damage potential by 30%.


Gameplay article: Fallout: New Vegas

Annabelle is a unique version of the above missile launcher model. It appears to have a long history of service. It comes in with a built-in guidance system, and has drawings which show a maple leaf with four markings and the stars from the Chinese flag, indicating that the weapon was used during the annexation of Canada and in at least one military campaign in China.

Annabelle has a built-in guidance system to improve accuracy, and uses less AP in V.A.T.S. than the standard weapon. It is also lighter and has a lower Strength requirement. With no disadvantages, this is a great alternative to use over the standard missile launcher.

M-235 missile launcherEdit

FNV M235 Missile Launchers
Gameplay article: Fallout: New Vegas

The M-235 missile launcher is built into the shoulders of the PDQ-88b Securitron. However, Securitrons running the Mark I operation system lack the drivers for them, so only those upgraded to Mark II or higher can use them.

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