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Missiles are a type of ammunition in Fallout: New Vegas.


Guided explosives used by the missile launcher.

Weapons using this ammunition[]


Missile, high explosive[]

High explosive missiles deal an extra 35% impact damage, though the damage of the explosion itself is unchanged. They also have a 50% larger blast radius.

Missile, high velocity[]

This missile travels at 3.23 times faster than the regular missile, thus meaning it will reach the target quicker, which is helpful in mid-range combat.

Missile, hive[]

A subtype added with the add-on Gun Runners' Arsenal that shoots a "hive" of nine smaller missiles.


Ammunition type- Ammunition TypeWeapons spreadWeapons spread modifier
Damage Modifier- Weapon Damage modifierBonus effectAmmo bonus effect
Damage Threshold modifier- Target Damage Threshold modifierCraftable- Ammo is craftable
Condition penalty- Weapon condition modifierPercentage chance of empty casing- Percentage change of empty casing, hull or drained cell/pack/tank
Ammunition typeDamage modifierDamage Threshold modifierCondition penaltySpread modifierBonus effectCraftablePercentage chance of empty casing
missile, standardx 1x 1x 1x 1No0% chance
missile, high velocityx 1x 1x 1x 1+3450 projectile speedNo0% chance
missile, high explosivex 1.35x 1x 1x 1x 1.5 AoE radiusNo0% chance
missile, hive Gun Runners' Arsenalx 1.58 Explosion (total)x 1x 1x 209 projectilesNo0% chance



  • Missiles, like all forms of ammunition, have no weight. When playing on Hardcore mode, they become extremely cumbersome, making the missile launcher a somewhat impractical weapon. As of the patch, all missiles weigh half as much as they previously did, at 1.5 lbs, and can be affected by the Pack Rat perk to even further reduce their weight.
  • Missiles can be converted into rockets in any workbench. This process yields two rockets per missile.