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The Miss Nanny robot was created by General Atomics International as the female equivalent of the Mister Handy. As such, it carries similar built-in armaments.Fallout 4 loading screen

Miss Nannies are a type of robot appearing in the Commonwealth and the Island in 2287.


The Miss Nanny robot is a utility robot with female programming. They were created by General Atomics International for use in the household. The Miss Nanny design was geared mainly towards caretaking tasks, intended for parents of children of all ages. Its specialized programming included disciplinary and behavioral management skills (with an optional corporal punishment mode that had to be manually turned on by parents), vocal tonality analysis routines allowing it to interpret the needs of its charges (even infants) and hazard detection matrices for childproofing rooms.[1]


The Miss Nanny has an appearance that looks very similar to the Mister Handy model, but with white plating. Miss Nanny units speak with a French accent, and converse in both French and English. Pearl in the Far Harbor add-on speaks with an English accent.

Notable Miss Nannies[]


All models have "Mister Handy" inscribed on their back panels.


Miss Nannies appear in Fallout 4, its add-on Far Harbor, and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.


Fallout 4[]

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare[]


  1. General Atomics factory proctor: "We will now test your hazard detection matrices. Please childproof this environment by moving any hazardous object to where little hands cannot reach. Childproof the room. Splendidly done. All potentially fatal objects have been put out of a child's reach. Please remember, children have a penchant for finding ways to harm themselves. They never are truly safe. Absolute diligence is required."
    (Miss Nanny proctor's dialogue)