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Just when your enemies think they have the upper hand, Miss Fortune appears to turn their world upside down. Appearing only in V.A.T.S., she has the ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.— In-game description

Miss Fortune is a perk in Fallout: New Vegas.


With this perk, Miss Fortune will appear 10% of the time in V.A.T.S. to attack enemies. To trigger an appearance, the player character must complete a series of attacks in V.A.T.S. without killing their opponent.

Unlike the Mysterious Stranger, Miss Fortune's attacks deal low damage to an area, aiming to cripple and knockdown enemies rather than kill them outright.

Miss Fortune's gun creates a "fortune" percentage for the target.

If their fortune is under 35:

If their fortune is between 35 and 65:

If their fortune is above 65, only the limb crippling is applied. Remember, this is all determined per shot, and Miss Fortune will more than likely empty her revolver for all 6 shots in a V.A.T.S. attack.


  • The Mysterious Stranger perk is functionally similar.
  • Both the Miss Fortune and Mysterious Stranger perks can be chosen by the Courier, but they cannot appear together in the same V.A.T.S. sequence as they share the same trigger.
  • Completing the Miss Fortunate Son (or Daughter) challenge will grant the award perk Friendly Help, increasing the chances of both Miss Fortune and the Mysterious Stranger appearing.
  • The crippling effect can be especially useful against opponents which can be frenzied, mainly robots and insects.
  • Miss Fortune is able to instantly kill the Ghost people, since they die upon having any of their limbs severed/crippled.

Behind the scenes

The name Miss Fortune is a play on the word "misfortune" and the phrase "Lady Luck".


  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes when she appears, your AP Sequence will continue even after delivering your attack, leaving you unable to defend yourself. [verified]
  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes when she appears, she isn't visible, and it makes her seem to stand in the way of the enemy, making you shoot Miss Fortune instead. [verified]
  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 Rarely in V.A.T.S. she will appear and your console will freeze. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Rarely in V.A.T.S., it is possible for The Mysterious Stranger and Miss Fortune to appear at the same time. [verified]