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Mister Zwicky is the teacher here. Isn't he wonderful? I mean... knowledgeable?

Miss Edna is a Miss Nanny and Mister Zwicky's assistant in Diamond City's schoolhouse in 2287.


Miss Edna is a "Miss Nanny" type robot who assists her owner, Mister Zwicky in running the schoolhouse in Diamond City. Miss Edna was programmed to speak in a French accent and may have also been a product of emotion-sensing experiments. Her love for working and being with Mister Zwicky for a long time has heightened her bond with him, allowing her to start developing deeper feelings.

Interactions with the player character

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Wedding Day


Wedding Day: If the Sole Survivor responds to Miss Edna's questions by promoting the importance of "love," Miss Edna will ask them if it's possible for two very different people to experience love towards one another. If the player character agrees that it's possible, Miss Edna will thank them for their insight. Later, upon a subsequent return to Diamond City, one can witness Pastor Clements wedding Miss Edna and Mister Zwicky in front of the All Faiths Chapel.


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  • Miss Edna only has pincers for her three hands instead of a saw or ranged weapon.
  • Most "good" companions like Piper, Curie and Deacon will like or even love if the Sole Survivor supports Miss Edna in realizing her feelings for Zwicky. Conversely, more rude or selfish characters like Cait won't take kindly to it at all.
  • MacCready and Strong like telling Edna that children need love and encouraging her to share her feelings with Zwicky. However, Strong dislikes the following speech options: 'that love conquers all / cannot be bothered by love.'
  • Miss Edna's voice is similar to Curie's, another Miss Nanny robot. This is because they are programmed with the same feminine voice. Codsworth and other Mr. Handies are similar in that they also all share the same masculine voice.


Miss Edna appears only in Fallout 4.


PCPC Miss Edna may become stuck in a dialogue loop, asking what is 12 times 15. [verified]