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The mirelurk nesting hole only appears in ''[[Fallout 3]]''.
The mirelurk nesting hole appears only in ''[[Fallout 3]]''.

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The mirelurk nesting hole is a location in Fallout 3.


This is a cave complex reached through a sewer grate south of the reflecting pool in The Mall. In many places there are radioactive streams of water leaking down. Originally home to a small number of humans who hid here seeking refuge, they apparently perished from the radiation or the giant ants and mirelurks that chose to make it their nesting place.

A little ways after you start out, you will meet a fork in the path. Both tracks will converge later on, the right path eventually dropping into the left path from above. Following the path will lead to a circular chamber used by the mirelurks as a nesting site which is protected by at least one mirelurk of higher level than the rest (a mirelurk hunter, king, or both).

Notable loot


The mirelurk nesting hole appears only in Fallout 3.


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