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The Mire treasure maps are a series of maps in Fallout 76. They lead to buried mounds hidden throughout the Mire, all of which contain random valuable loot.


The notes can be found throughout Appalachia, as randomized, rare loot in containers or on the bodies of boss creatures. The treasure maps lead to:

  • Map #01 - The unmarked clifftop vista cabin, east of Hopewell Cave. It is at the edge of the cliffs overlooking the Mire.
  • Map #02 - West of the treetops at the end of railroad tracks.
  • Map #03 - Southwest of Southern Belle Motel after crossing the bridge, on the right side.
  • Map #04 - Below the bridge to the west of Crevasse Dam.
  • Map #05 - Hidden in the grass east of Excelsior Model Home (before reaching the road). Try to use the bridge pillars to line up the view, the mound is not very visible.
    • A strategy that may help is to walk a thin line between Thunder Mountain Power Plant yard and Southhampton Estate, with the player's compass marker pointing directly at Southhampton Estate in order to get the correct angle. When taking this path, after going under the bridge towards Southhampton Estate, you should have a tree pass your right, then another pass your left, then have a third tree be in front of you, the mound being somewhere in front of the third tree where you are standing.