Miranda Vox was the mayor of Harpers Ferry before the Great War and continued in this role afterward.


Miranda Vox came at odds with the Free States movement which had been using Harpers Ferry as their focal point and endangering the town's revenue. Eventually, Miranda shunned the Free States and told Raleigh Clay to "get the hell out of her town."[1]

After the bombs fell, Miranda struggled in maintaining Harpers Ferry as many of her townspeople died from the radiation, injuries, the deadly mutated wildlife and other people seeking to take what little supplies the town had.[2]

One day, an ambassador from Vault 94 came to Harpers Ferry offering food. Miranda took the ambassador's humanitarian offer and sent a group to the vault, including Billy, Cole, Lucas and Red. However, she soon regretted not going to Vault 94 herself when the group heartlessly massacred the vault's residents and caused a nuclear explosion that transformed the surrounding region into The Mire.[3]

Miranda later learned that the Free States movement had survived the war. She then realized that the survivalist group had better preparations for the nuclear apocalypse and therefore had the expertise to help her town. Putting aside her past grudges with the Free States, Miranda approached Raleigh Clay and asking him for help, to which he obliged.[4]


Miranda Vox is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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