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They even got an old broad dressed like a fortune teller and some joker in a cowboy hat. Gonna ask Jared for more men to take this caravan down. That fucking hat is mine!— A quote regarding Preston Garvey on Gristle's terminal

The Minuteman outfit and Minuteman hat is an outfit in Fallout 4.


The Minuteman outfit is a colonial style field uniform worn by most minutemen, consisting of a baby blue button-up shirt with a tattered jacket with rolled sleeves worn over it with jeans and boots. It provides a small bonus to Agility and Perception when worn. It is the standard uniform for the Commonwealth Minutemen. It is one of a few outfits that allows all armor pieces to be equipped. The outfit's Damage Resistance can be improved using the ballistic weave upgrade.

The Minuteman hat is visually quite similar to the militia hat, and both are commonly seen being worn by minutemen throughout the Commonwealth. Unlike the militia hat, the Minuteman hat does not offer a Charisma bonus of +1. It is made from a lighter brown material than its more common variant, and half of the brim is pinned up like a slouch hat.



  • The outfits are often worn by Minutemen.
  • In the side yard of a house near the southern edge of Concord, there will be a dead Minuteman wearing the outfit along the exterior wall of the house, next to the table with an umbrella and lawn chair.
  • Preston Garvey wears the hat. It can be traded from his inventory once he is a companion.
  • Three dead Minutemen might be found wearing the outfit at the Super Duper Mart in Lexington. One can be found in the back rooms on a counter, one in the loading bay in the back of the basement and one in one of the back store rooms.
  • Worn by Clint in Quincy.
  • Both the outfit and the hat can purchased from Anne Hargraves once she is recruited as a level 4 merchant.
  • A dead Minuteman wearing the outfit may appear at the sniper's hideout, in the swamp east of Somerville Place.


Preston Garvey is the only member of the Minutemen who wears the hat.