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Aha, you could have gone to any old merchant, but you, my friend, have that special refined taste. Very nice.

Minerva is a gold bullion vendor selling rare plans and recipes at discount, working for the Blue Ridge Caravan Company in Appalachia, in Fallout 76. She deals in gold bullion and is protected by her bodyguard, Tommy Ten-Toes and her brahmin Minos. She has traveled with the Blue Ridge Caravan Company in the past, and has worked with Aries.[1]

In gameplay terms, she is a discounted gold bullion merchant, offering a selection of unique plans for purchase at a 25% discount. However, her offer is limited and she rotates between four locations each week.

At the moment, Minerva is not present in Appalachia.


Minerva lived in Washington, D.C. as a child before the Great War, managing to survive the bombs inside a library functioning as a secondary shelter. After wandering through the wasteland from group to group, her talents finally caught the attention of a Blue Ridge Caravan group. She joined up and ended up as an apprentice to a bookseller, learning how to copy books by hand. Over time, the bookseller turned into a friend and mentor. After his passing, she took over his caravan and expanded its inventory, switching from selling printed media to more practical items, including schematics and recipes. She considers Blue Ridge to be more than just a business party; to her, the faction is an actual family, and she could not ask for a better one.[2]

She has one key advantage in her line of work: an exceptional memory and the capability to copy any schematic, plan or recipe she sees in perfect detail, not unlike a human copying machine.[3] She claims she is able to copy them down to 1/100th of a milimeter.[4] Regardless of the truth of this claim, her plans are indistinguishable from the originals.[5] This makes her very popular on the caravan trail, but since she recreates the materials by hand, her offer is limited. Carpal tunnel syndrome is particularly unpleasant in the wasteland, where few treatments survive.[6] She primarily relies on observations she makes during her troubles to update and rotate the stock, and remains on the move to keep her stock fresh.[7] Her talents would make her an excellent preservationist, but she is amused by the suggestion of using it for anything other than making a profit. Trade is the only thing she knows and she likes it that way.[8]

She works closely with Tommy Ten-Toes, a ghoulified former mob enforcer. While she calls him a "big goofy teddy bear," she trusts him entirely to keep her and the caravan safe, and may have observed him rip out someone's sternum for stealing from the caravan in the past.[9] Tommy likes Minerva, although his underwhelming intellect makes him unable to understand why Minerva's work is so popular among wastelanders.[10] He appreciates her silver tongue and spirit,[11] and the two are considered by Vinny Costa to be an excellent team.[12] This is still the case even after the Chattanooga incident, which involved Minerva, Tommy's ten-toed foot, and an unfortunate dog. The two kept working together, but Minerva prohibited Tommy from ever taking shoes off in front of customers again.[13]

Minerva has mastered the art of sale, styling herself as a merchant who is appreciated primarily by people with a refined, special taste.[14] At the same time, she promotes her wares in the manner of a carnival barker, emphasizing the range of her offer, accurate copying and prices well below those of the competition.[15][16] While her limited selection of goods is primarily to avoid injuring her wrist, she turned it around and integrated it into her marketing, telling prospective buyers that they should make a purchase on the spot, as she likely will not be carrying the item next time.[4] She also has a knack for rhymes[17] and instinctively understanding her target audience. She emphasizes weapons and violence at the Crater (hoping mentions of robbery will not encourage the raiders to actually rob her),[18] casual camaraderie and bad puns at Foundation,[19] and the Brotherhood of Steel's unique jargon at Fort Atlas.[20][21]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

FoS ghost costume
This character ignores combat and cannot be damaged.
FO76 ui trading team
This character is a vendor.
  • Accepts Gold bullion
  • Sells:
    Special vendor
    All sales are 25% off
FO76 ui exploration team
This character appears in the following locations.

Merchant schedule[]

Minerva will set up camp at one of four rotating locations in Appalachia each week: Foundation, The Crater, Fort Atlas or The Whitespring Resort. She will only change locations once per week. Her schedule will run from noon (U.S. Eastern) Monday through noon (U.S. Eastern) on Wednesday for three weeks as part of Minerva's Emporium. The fourth week, she will run from noon (U.S. Eastern) Thursday through noon (U.S. Eastern) on Monday, referred to as Minerva's Big Sale. Her schedule will then start over and repeat the following week.[Non-game 1]

Historical schedule[]

Main article: Minerva/Emporium
Dates (2024) Location Inventory List
July 15-17, 2024 Fort Atlas List 7
July 8-10, 2024 Crater List 6
July 1-3, 2024 Foundation List 5
June 20-24, 2024 The Whitespring List 4
June 10-12, 2024 Fort Atlas List 3
June 3-5, 2024 Crater List 2
May 27-29, 2024 Foundation List 1
May 16-20, 2024 The Whitespring List 24
May 6-8, 2024 Fort Atlas List 23
April 29-May 1, 2024 Crater List 22
Aprl 22-24. 2024 Foundation List 21
April 11-15, 2024 The Whitespring List 20
April 1-3, 2024 Fort Atlas List 19
March 25-27, 2024 Crater List 18
March 18-20, 2024 Foundation List 17
March 7-11, 2024 The Whitespring List 16
February 26-28, 2024 Fort Atlas List 15
February 19-21, 2024 Crater List 14
February 12-14, 2024 Foundation List 13
February 1-5, 2024 The Whitespring List 12
January 22-24, 2024 Fort Atlas List 11
January 15-17, 2024 Crater List 10
January 8-10, 2024 Foundation List 9
Dates (2023) Location Inventory List
December 28, 2023-January 1, 2024 The Whitespring List 8
December 18-20, 2023 Fort Atlas List 7
December 11-13, 2023 Crater List 6
December 4-6, 2023 Foundation List 5
November 23-27, 2023 The Whitespring List 4
November 13-15, 2023 Fort Atlas List 3
November 6-8, 2023 Crater List 2
October 30-November 1, 2023 Foundation List 1
October 19-23, 2023 The Whitespring List 24
October 9-11, 2023 Fort Atlas List 23
October 2-4, 2023 Crater List 22
September 25-27, 2023 Foundation List 21
September 14-18, 2023 The Whitespring List 20
September 4-6, 2023 Fort Atlas List 19
August 28-30, 2023 Crater List 18
August 21-23, 2023 Foundation List 17
August 10-14, 2023 The Whitespring List 16
July 31-August 2, 2023 Fort Atlas List 15
July 24-26, 2023 Crater List 14
July 17-19, 2023 Foundation List 13
July 6-10, 2023 The Whitespring List 12
June 26-28, 2023 Fort Atlas List 11
June 19-21, 2023 Crater List 10
June 12-14, 2023 Foundation List 9
June 1-5, 2023 The Whitespring List 8
May 22-24, 2023 Fort Atlas List 7
May 15-17, 2023 Crater List 6
May 8-10, 2023 Foundation List 5
April 27-May 1, 2023 The Whitespring List 4
April 17-19, 2023 Fort Atlas List 3
April 10-12, 2023 Crater List 2
April 3-5, 2023 Foundation List 1
March 23-27, 2023 The Whitespring List 24
March 13-15, 2023 Fort Atlas List 23
March 6-8, 2023 Crater List 22
February 27-29, 2023 Foundation List 21
February 16-20, 2023 The Whitespring List 20
February 6-8, 2023 Fort Atlas List 19
January 30-February 1, 2023 Crater List 18
January 23-25, 2023 Foundation List 17
January 12-16, 2023 The Whitespring List 16
January 2-4, 2023 Fort Atlas List 15
Dates (2022) Location Inventory List
December 26-28, 2022 Crater List 14
December 19-21, 2022 Foundation List 13
December 8-12, 2022 Fort Atlas List 12
November 28-30, 2022 Crater List 11
November 21-23, 2022 Foundation List 10
November 14-16, 2022 Fort Atlas List 9
November 3-7, 2022 Crater List 8
October 24-26, 2022 Foundation List 7
October 17-19, 2022 Fort Atlas List 6
October 10-12, 2022 Crater List 5
September 29-October 3, 2022 Foundation List 4
September 19-21, 2022 Fort Atlas List 3
September 12-14, 2022 Crater List 2
September 5-7, 2022 Foundation List 1
August 25-29, 2022 Fort Atlas List 24
August 15-17, 2022 Crater List 23
August 8-11, 2022 Foundation List 22
August 1-3, 2022 Fort Atlas List 21
July 21-25, 2022 Crater List 20
July 11-13, 2022 Foundation List 19
July 4-6, 2022 Fort Atlas List 18
June 27-29, 2022 Crater List 17
June 16-20, 2022 Foundation List 16
June 6-8, 2022 Fort Atlas List 15
May 30-June 1, 2022 Crater List 14
May 23-25, 2022 Foundation List 13
May 12-16, 2022 Fort Atlas List 12
May 2-4, 2022 Crater List 11
April 25-27, 2022 Foundation List 10
April 18-20, 2022 Fort Atlas List 9
April 07-11, 2022 Crater List 8
March 28-30, 2022 Foundation List 7
March 21-23, 2022 Fort Atlas List 6
March 14-16, 2022 Crater List 5
March 3-7, 2022 Foundation List 4
February 21-23, 2022 Fort Atlas List 3
February 14-16, 2022 Crater List 2
February 7-9, 2022 Foundation List 1
January 27–31, 2022 Fort Atlas List 24
January 17–19, 2022 Crater List 23
January 10–12, 2022 Foundation List 22
January 3–5, 2022 Fort Atlas List 21
Dates (2021) Location Inventory List
December 23-27, 2021 Crater List 20
December 13-15 2021 Foundation List 19
December 6–8, 2021 Fort Atlas List 18
November 29-December 1, 2021 Crater List 17
November 18–22, 2021 Foundation List 16
November 8–10, 2021 Fort Atlas List 15
November 1–3, 2021 Crater List 14
October 25–27, 2021 Foundation List 13
October 14–18, 2021 Fort Atlas List 12
October 4–6, 2021 Crater List 11
September 27–29, 2021 Foundation List 10
September 20–22, 2021 Fort Atlas List 9
September 9–13, 2021 Crater List 8
August 30-September 1, 2021 Foundation List 7
August 23–25, 2021 Fort Atlas List 6
August 16–18, 2021 Crater List 5
August 5–9, 2021 Foundation List 4
July 26–28, 2021 Fort Atlas List 3
July 19–21, 2021 Crater List 2
July 12–14, 2021 Foundation List 1


Equipped inventory[]

Vendor inventory[]

The items Minerva sells rotate weekly. During Minerva's Emporium, her inventory will be one of the following lists: 1-3, 5-7, 9-11, 13-15, 17-19 or 21-23. During Minerva's Big Sale, her inventory will be list 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24. All prices will be 25% off the normal prices for these plans at the other vendors. There are no quest, reputation or player-level requirements to purchase any item.

Minerva's Emporium
Minerva's Big Sale


Minerva appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Reign update.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Quest designer Carl McKevitt contributed to Minerva's writing and design. According to Carl, she is a bookworm who loved reading as a child, and Carl compared her character design to the Roman goddess Minerva/Greek goddess Athena.[Non-game 2]
  • Voice actress Erikka J. Veney was nominated for a 2022 One Voice Award for her performance as Minerva, in the "Gaming - Best Performance - Female" category.[Non-game 3]



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  3. Vault 76 dweller: "What sort of things do you sell here?"
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