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The Conglomerate of Appalachian Mining Interests would like to remind everyone that miners are fairly compensated and there is no evidence that mining poses any additional health risks or significant environmental damage.Dick Shale's guided tour

The Miners Monument is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia, directly east of the Uncanny Caverns.


Built in 1952, the monument was dedicated to all of the coal miners of West Virginia. The statue was selected by the Miners Representation Union and the Conglomerate of Appalachian Mining Interests out of hundreds of proposed designs.[1] A popular tourist destination, a replica of this monument was also installed at the Beckley mine exhibit.[1]


This location is southeast down the road from a fissure site, meaning that scorchbeasts can sometimes be found flying overhead. There is a large parking lot in the northwest section of the location, with several cars still parked there from pre-War times. Up a set of stairs from the parking lot are some charging stations containing Protectrons (and sometimes Mister Gutsies and Robobrains) who will activate and become hostile when approached.

There is a monument to coal surrounded by many protest signs. In the southern section of the location near the Miners Monument itself are two Nuka-Cola machines and a weapons workbench.

A small set of stairs leads to the Miners Monument - a bronze casting of a miner carrying a bucket. In front of the monument is an audio tour station which will share some interesting facts about the landmark when activated. Two skeletons and several more protest signs lie at the monument’s base.


The Miners Monument appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

The statue is almost identical to the one atop the Monument to West Virginia Coal Miners in the New River Park, Beckley, WV. It is located near the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine.