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Because the smart miner can always use an extra pair of hands.

Miner Miracles is a side quest in Fallout 76. To complete it, level 25 is recommended.

Quick walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough

This quest begins upon investigating one of the many Garrahan excavator posters in Appalachia, usually, the one located in the parking lot of Garrahan Mining Headquarters upon getting close enough to trigger the marker for the miscellaneous objective for it.

Travel to the Garrahan Mining Headquarters and enter the building. Access the computer at the receptionist's desk and read the entry "Memo: Excavator Queries" to trigger the quest. From there, head downstairs to the Research & Development (R&D) room to access the project manager's terminal, but be aware of the hostile robots inside the building. They include Protectron, Mister Gutsy and Robobrain variants.

Once in the R&D Room, accessing the project manager's terminal and select the option "Excavator Module Blueprints" to download the plans for crafting Excavator power armor. Then use a power armor station to craft the armor parts onto the power armor chassis. Note that the minimum level for crafting and equipping the power armor is 25.

A level 25 suit of Excavator power armor will require a power armor chassis and a total of 36 black titanium, 30 gears, 12 glass, 6 nuclear material, 36 oil, 26 rubber, 60 screws, 20 springs, and 102 steel to craft. If materials are hard to come by via scrapping various junk, try claiming a public workshop that has mineral deposits needed for crafting the parts. Black titanium scraps are found on killed deathclaws and mole miner equipment like the miner suit scrap also contains black titanium. Loose screws can be found in abundance on wendigos, especially during A Colossal Problem with all the wendigo spawn that Earl summons.

Once the armor has been crafted onto the chassis, equip the chassis and use the terminal in the R&D Room of the Garrahan Mining Headquarters to have the armor scanned and registered to complete the quest.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Discover Garrahan Mining's Innovation
? Investigate Garrahan Mining's HeadquartersI've discovered a poster depicting something called the "Excavator Power Armor." It appears to be manufactured by the Garrahan Mining Company. To learn more about this unusual armor, I should explore their headquarters.
? Consult the Project Manager's TerminalGarrahan Mining's Reception Terminal mentioned that their company's "Excavator Power Armor" was being handled by someone named "Harold Frost" in the R&D Department. I should head there and examine his records.
? Build Excavator Power Armor Left and Right ArmsHarold Frost's records revealed a wealth of information regarding Garrahan's Excavator Power Armor, including blueprints. I've decided to make some of the armor pieces for myself at a Power Armor Workbench.
? Build Excavator Power Armor Left and Right Legs
? Build Excavator Power Armor Helmet
? Build Excavator Power Armor Torso
? Register the Excavator Power ArmorI've completed a full set of Excavator Power Armor. I should now mount the parts on a Power Armor Frame and then register it with Garrahan's Mainframe so it can fully unlock the suit's mining functionality.
?Quest finished(Quest completed)I've successfully registered the Excavator Power Armor with Garrahan's Mainframe. With the suit's mining capabilities unlocked, I should now be able to mine ore much more efficiently.


  • The player character receives the excavator power armor schematics during this quest.
  • The player character must be at least level 25 in order to complete the quest since they must be that level to build the power armor.
  • The excavator power armor pieces can be constructed at any power armor station, once you have read Harold Frost's terminal, not just the stations located in the Garrahan Mining HQ.
  • It is possible to complete this quest by equipping and registering excavator power armor that was crafted by another player and given to you. If this method is done, be sure to access the R&D computer entry "Excavator Module Blueprints" before registering the power armor or it will be impossible to ever gain access to the plans later.